Ashley Roberts Assault And Robbery Charges, Trial And Verdict

Ashley Roberts assault

Ashley Roberts assault charges began trending into the news after surprising disclosures of her case. Let’s find out if the American television presenter is on trial. 

Ashley Roberts was born on 14 September 1981. She is an American television presenter and singer.

Roberts served as a member of the pop group The Pussycat Dolls. Besides being a singer, she has focused her career as a presenter.

Roberts mainly focused on her career in the UK. Likewise, she has presented shows, including Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. She hosted the show from 2013 to 2016.

Moreover, she presented WWE Legends’ House and the Emmy-nominated 1st Look. Also, she hosted The Real Dirty Dancing UK in 2022 and Dance Monsters since 2022.

Besides her television career, Roberts serves as a radio presenter of Heart 00s.

Also, Ashley made a brief career as a solo singer. Likewise, she released the album Butterfly Effect in 2014. Also, she delivered the singles Yesterday, Clockwork, and Woman Up.

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Ashley Roberts Assault And Robbery Charges

The ‘Ashley Roberts Assault’ topic arose among netizens after recent comments of her not being safe and targeted by a stalker.

The former Pussycat Dolls member revealed that she “didn’t feel safe” after being targeted by a stalker. 

Ashley Roberts Assault charges
Ashley Roberts Assault: The gorgeous TV presenter was followed by a stalker. (Source: Daily Mail)

The stalker was identified as Lewis Langley. Reportedly, Lewis, 47, went to an address he believed was Ashley’s to query for clothing back.

The latest incident was in January 2023, just a day before Langley presented in court.

Moreover, Roberts’ alleged stalker is charged with stalking another woman. He went to her house on various occasions asking for clothing back from Ashley Roberts.

Also, he claimed that she was his girlfriend and believed she resided at that address. Likewise, many media outlets revealed that a stalker was terrorizing 41-year-old Ashley.

Eventually, central London’s Heart FM bosses at Global beefed up their security measures. Likewise, she serves as a breakfast DJ there.

Alleged stalker Langley presented at South London’s Croydon magistrates court. However, Langley was released on conditional bail until 22 November.

As part of Langley’s bail conditions, the stalker is not allowed to visit North of the Thames or Borough High Street.

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Ashley Roberts Trial And Verdict 

Lewis Langley is said to have claimed Ashley Roberts was his girlfriend but turned out to be a stalker. He has presented in court charged with stalking the Pussycat Dolls star.

The singer is believed to have been pursued by the man as he turned up at the radio station where she works as a DJ. The stalker visited the radio station on a number of occasions and loitered outside.

The maximum sentence for the trial, if found guilty of stalking, is six months in jail and an additional fine.

Ashley Roberts Latest Update

Ashley Roberts endured a testing day on 3 October 2023 as she tackled the UK’s ‘most extreme’ assault course. Likewise, she tackled the assault course for Global’s very wet and muddy charity challenge.

Roberts fell into a pool of mud and water while she endured the assault course.

Ashley Roberts assault
Ashley Roberts assault course: The beautiful TV presenter was stuck in a pool of mud and water. (Source: NY Breaking)

The former Pussycat Doll member took five insane challenges in five days alongside Heart’s Amanda Holden. The two participated in a bid to raise funds for Global’s Make Some Noise Charity.

Ashley was stuck in the mud as she rushed against time in the assault course whilst having to collect £15,000 worth of donations. 

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