Is Blair Waldorf Pregnant In 2023? Weight Gain Or Baby Bump

Blair Waldorf Pregnant

Is Blair Waldorf pregnant in 2023? Unraveling the rumors surrounding Gossip Girl’s iconic character of actress Leighton Meester.

Blair Cornelia Waldorf is the queen bee of Manhattan’s elite social scene in Gossip Girl. As a girl of extremes, she is insecure about her status and comically overachieving.

The anonymous blogger Gossip Girl constantly scrutinizes her actions as a socialite. Though at times snobbish, Blair also has a sensitive side.

She is ultimately a good girl at heart, according to actress Leighton Meester, who portrayed her.

Cornelia has been compared to classic film and literary figures like Becky Sharp and Lizzie Eustace for her vibrant yet flawed personality.

She is the most acclaimed character in the franchise.

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Is Blair Waldorf Pregnant In 2023?

Speculation surrounding the beloved character of Blair Waldorf from the iconic Gossip Girl series has sparked inquiries about her potential pregnancy in 2023.

However, meticulous research yields no evidence to suggest that Blair’s character is expecting a child within the show’s storyline.

Leighton Meester, who brought the iconic character to life, has also refrained from making pregnancy announcements on her real-life platforms, including social media.

The absence of photographs showcasing noticeable weight gain or a baby bump further dismisses the notion.

Is Blair Waldorf Pregnant
Leighton Meester’s popular character Blair Waldorf is pregnant in the Gossip Girl new season. (Source: Instagram)

In the Gossip Girl narrative, Cornelia’s romantic journey has seen her transition from marriage to Prince Louis Grimaldi to ultimately tying the knot with Charles “Chuck” Bass.

In reality, Meester exchanged vows with actor Adam Brody in 2014, having initially crossed paths in 2010.

As 2023 unfolds, these lives’ fictional and real aspects continue to evolve, captivating the curiosity of fans and followers alike.

Blair Waldorf Weight Gain Or Baby Bump

Amidst speculations, a thorough examination dismisses any notion of the character Blair Waldorf. The actress Leighton may be experiencing weight gain or sporting a baby bump.

This holds true both within the realm of the Gossip Girl series and in the actress’ real-life domain.

Meester has consistently maintained her slender physique over the years since her portrayal of Blair.

Is Blair Waldorf Pregnant
Blair Waldorf has not made any pregnancy announcements. (Source: Instagram)

She has refrained from addressing pregnancy or any remarkable shifts in her body shape, keeping her personal life private.

Any weight gain claims or a baby bump remain unfounded without paparazzi evidence.

Blair Waldorf’s character retains a consistent style within the Gossip Girl storyline, eschewing dramatic weight fluctuations or pregnancy narratives.

Throughout the show’s duration, her slim figure remains a constant canvas for high-fashion ensembles, highlighting her timeless elegance.

Blair Waldorf Husband

In the Gossip Girl television series, Blair Waldorf is currently married to Charles “Chuck” Bass.

The relationship between her and Chuck was tumultuous, but they ultimately ended up together, married, and starting a family by the series finale.

Actress Meester’s character Blair has been in a marital union with actor Adam Brody since 2014.

They met in 2010 on the set of the film The Oranges and began dating soon after.

Is Blair Waldorf Pregnant
Recent updates on Blair Waldorf’s, aka Leighton Meester’s social media presence bring no sign of pregnancy. (Source: Instagram)

The couple have two children together: a daughter named Arlo Day Brody, born in 2015, and a son born in September 2020, whose name they have not publicly revealed.

So while Blair Waldorf’s husband on the show is Chuck Bass, Meester’s real-life husband is actor Adam Brody.

The couple seems happily married with two children, and the actress has yet to make any pregnancy announcements to suggest more kids.

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