Telma Boinville Murder Update: Hailey Dandurand Found Guilty Prison Sentence

Telma Boinville Murder

Hailey Dandurand was convicted of Telma Boinville murder and sentenced to prison. Let’s get the latest update on the case in this article. 

Telma Boinville was a woman who impacted numerous lives as a dedicated educator and a part-time cleaner in Hawaii.

She was renowned for her passion for teaching and unwavering commitment to nurturing minds.

Despite being a mother, Telma worked tirelessly to provide for her daughter, Makana ensuring she had access to the opportunities life could offer.

In the face of challenges, Telma remained steadfastly positive and determined.

Apart from her teaching profession Telma also took up cleaning responsibilities at vacation homes to supplement her income.

Her strong work ethic and desire to secure a future for her daughter motivated her to take on multiple jobs simultaneously.

Her unwavering dedication in both roles exemplified her resilience and profound love for her family.

However, everything changed tragically in December 2017 when Telma entered a vacation rental property on Ke Iki Road to do her cleaning duties.

Unbeknownst to her, Stephen Brown and Hailey Dandurand were engaged in robbing the house during that time.

Telma Boinville Murder Update 2023

The trial that ensued revealed the details surrounding Telma Boinville’s murder.

The prosecution painted a picture of what unfolded on that day.

Stephen Brown took the stand in his defense, attempting to shift the blame onto Hailey Dandurand.

Telma Boinville Murder
Telma Boinville with her daughter. (source: vocal.times)

The evidence and testimonies from witnesses pointed towards both sharing responsibility for this crime.

According to the testimony, Stephen Brown confronted Telma.

Proceeded to strangle her before ending her life with a machete and other tools.

Meanwhile, young Makana, Telmas 8 year daughter, was forced to witness this horrifying ordeal.

Despite Brown’s efforts to downplay his involvement and implicate his girlfriend, the jury saw through his claims.

They found both Brown and Dandurand guilty of murder, kidnapping, along with burglary in the death of Telma Boinville.

The verdict comforted Telma’s loved ones as they knew justice had been served for their teacher and mother, who was taken from them in such an act.

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Hailey Dandurand Found Guilty Prison Sentence

After being found guilty, Hailey Dandurand faced reality; a life sentence in prison for her involvement in the Telma Boinville murder.

The fact that she showed no remorse and actively participated in planning and carrying out the crime made her legally responsible.

Emotions ran high during the courtroom proceedings as the loved ones of Telma shared their impact statements expressing the pain and sorrow they experienced.

While the verdict brought some closure to the case, the wounds caused by Telma Boinville’s murder would forever remain in the hearts of those who knew her.

Her absence created a void, and her daughter, Makana, would carry the trauma from that day for the rest of her life.

The tragic murder of Telma Boinville emphasized how crucial it is to ensure safety and security in vacation rental homes.

Telma Boinville Murder
Stephen Brown and Hailey Dandurand in court. (source:

It sparked conversations about implementing measures to protect workers like Telma, who often worked alone in places.

As the community mourned her loss, they united to support her family and honor her impact on life.

Ultimately Hailey Dandurand’s conviction served as a reminder that even the horrendous crimes would not go unpunished.

Telma Boinville’s legacy will be marked by resilience, love, and a relentless pursuit of justice.

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