Dr Punam Krishan Husband Wikipedia Bio Age And Net Worth Revealed

Dr Punam Krishan

Punam is a GP working in the NHS with a particular focus on public health, family, and lifestyle medicine. Netizens want to know Dr Punam Krishan Husband.

She is a medical educator at the University of Glasgow and also engages in writing and presenting on television.

Punam takes pride in her Scottish-Indian heritage and endeavors to integrate all aspects of her diverse personality into her work.

She tends to offer meaningful prescriptions for life whenever possible. She is a skilled healthcare professional with a proven track record in the medical practice field.

She is an expert in lifestyle medicine, creative writing, healthcare, business management, and medical education.

She possesses a strong background in healthcare services with a focus on medicine, having earned an MRCGP from the Royal College of General Practitioners.

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Dr Punam Krishan Husband Wikipedia Bio

Netizens and fans want to know about Dr Punam Krishan husband and his further details as Krishan is one of the popular public figures.

As per the video shared on Facebook, Doctor Punam Krishan’s husband is Dr. Sandesh Gulhane, who is a GP in Glasgow.

Sandesh is a physician who delivers comprehensive medical care to individuals residing in Glasgow.

Krishan and her spouse have two lovely children, a son named Aarish and a daughter named Ellora.

Dr Punam Krishan Husband
Glasgow GP takes patients food shopping in Lidl to show them healthy eating (Source: Daily Record)

We can find pictures of Punam, a GP working in the NHS, and her husband on social media accounts.

Unfortunately, the family contracted COVID-19 during the pandemic. Despite this, Krishan gave birth to her youngest daughter in 2020. They presently reside in Glasgow, California.

Unlike other well-known famous public figures, she is very private about her husband and her family’s details.

As a result, no more information is available about Dr Punam Krishan husband and his related details.

Punam Krishan age revealed 

Punam prefers to maintain a low profile and does not divulge her age, which explains why media outreach regarding her is limited.

In September 2017, the University of Glasgow awarded the title of Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer to an individual who is also associated with the role of a Freelance Portfolio GP.

In April 2017, National Education Scotland conferred the Excellence in Education Award upon an individual associated with Pollokshaws Medical Practice.

 Punam Krishan
The patient who objected to the ‘Asian doctor’ was silenced by the receptionist Source: BBC)

In 2011, she commenced her career as a general practitioner at Foresthill Medical Limited. Additionally, she has been employed at Pollockshaw’s Medical Practice since approximately 2014.

She completed her MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degree at the University of Glasgow in 2006.

The physician has gained notable recognition for her videos and articles, in which she regularly imparts crucial medical knowledge to her audience.

Punam Krishan net worth revealed 

Krishan is the mother of a son named Aarish and a daughter named Ellora, a physician, and an author who has not revealed her earnings to date.

However, the estimated net worth of experts in lifestyle medicine, creative writing, healthcare, and business management is approximately $1 million.

Dr Punam Krishan
The tough-talking GP who leaves shocked patients ‘laid bare’ (Source: BBC)

A GP working in the NHS actively engages in social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

She has tons of followers on her social media accounts, where she shares clips and pictures of her children and family.

Punam is the author of the book How to Be a Doctor and Other Life-Saving Jobs, which tells about the tales of Dr. Kirshan.

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