Is Dr Colin Manock Still Alive? Wife And Career Details Of The Forensic Pathologist

Discussions are buzzing around if Dr. Colin Manock Still Alive. To this day, there are discussions, documentaries on the need to reopen the cases as it has been proved that Dr. Colin Manock made grave errors.

As for Dr. Colin Manock’s career, he was initially best known for his work as he was the one who oversaw South Australia’s forensic pathology services for over three decades.

Moreover, he was the person and played a vital role in the state’s criminal justice system, especially in determining when a person took their last breath and whether or not they died naturally or perhaps due to more controversial causes. He was seen as the person who solved the unexpected as well as unexplained deaths.

But little did we know what the role he played and what grave mistakes were made affecting numerous people. Typically, to this day, the 1985 conviction of Derek Bromley is discussed as Dr Colin Manock had a major role to play in the murder.

Is Dr Colin Manock Still Alive?  Who Is His Wife?

There are no news depciting that Dr. Colin Manock is indeed dead. No authorities or obituaries have not informed anything on the matter.

As for his wife, the sources reveal that Manock’s wife’s name is Morgan Gabrielle Jaya Cox. Many even called her Mistress Gabrielle. Also, a witness, or say, the landlord in the interview that the two had a strange relationship.

Then, the landlord further confirmed that Cox had put another lady in a headlock and repeatedly punched her in the head, leading to her conviction for assault in 2018.

Dr Colin Manock Still Alive
Dr. Colin Manock, a forensic pathologist, argued that Anna-leg Jane’s bruises indicated she had drowned in the bathtub. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Dr. Colin Manock began to come into the headlines, lime lights and became the topic to talk with the people after it was found that he had committed some serious errors in a number of court cases and other assessments.

Particularly, a person named Drew Rooke who is an author and journalist, has gone over those findings and interacted with individuals connected to Colin Manock’s work. Additionally, he considers the issues facing forensic pathology as a whole.

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Dr Colin Manock: Wikipedia And Career Details Of The Forensic Pathologist

Dr. Colin Manock’s career first began when in 1968, he was chosen to lead IMVS’s forensic pathology department.

Although Colin lacked the required forensic pathology-related expertise, or even formal education or training, he got chosen regardless. The position was set for the  seniors and specialized experts only.

Then, he finished his undergraduate medical education in 1962 and spent the two years years after graduation working in several areas of medicine.

Dr Colin Manock Still Alive
10,000 illegal autopsy results verified by an unlicensed Dr. Colin Manock, who lacked the scientific credentials to vouch for, or provide evidence against, Derek Bromley. (Source: Twitter)

Throughout the course of his long and successful career, he conducted more than 10,000 autopsies and provided in court expert scientific testimony that resulted in about 400 criminal convictions.

He has also taught forensic medicine at the University of Leeds in the UK. This dates back in the year 1966.

On the contrary, there are some major backlash Manock received as he lacked the training required for such a senior, professional post and made serious mistakes in several high-profile cases, which had tragic consequences, including the apparent wrongful arrest of innocent people.

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