DJ Michael Bibi Wife Rivka Bibi, Married Life And Kids

DJ Michael Bibi Wife

DJ Michael Bibi Wife is Rivka Bibi, a fashion designer with whom he has been married for a long time. 

Renowned in the music industry, Michael Bibi is a prominent DJ and producer from London.

His talent has been acknowledged globally, earning him the prestigious DJ Awards for Tech House in 2019.

He has crafted a distinct musical footprint as the mastermind behind the acclaimed record label Solid Grooves.

Bibi’s influence extends to the vibrant nightlife of Ibiza, where his label boasts a residency at the renowned Privilege Ibiza club.

With an impressive discography, including releases with esteemed labels like Viva Music, Lost Records, Madtech, Snatch!, and Repopulate Mars, his musical prowess knows no bounds.

Beyond his musical journey, Michael shares his life with Rivka Bibi, a talented fashion designer and blogger.

Together, they have built a beautiful family, with their son and daughter often making delightful appearances on their social media platforms, giving fans a glimpse into their loving and creative world.

DJ Michael Bibi Wife Rivka Bibi

Rivka Bibi, the esteemed wife of London’s renowned DJ and producer, Michael Bibi, epitomizes creativity and elegance.

As the better half of the celebrated artist who clinched the DJ Awards for Tech House in 2019, Rivka is not just a partner but a powerhouse in her own right.

DJ Michael Bibi Wife
DJ Michael Bibi has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. (source: rightrasta)

A talented fashion designer and influential blogger, she curates her unique style, travel adventures, and family experiences on her website, Rivka Loves.

With a vibrant online presence, Rivka extends her creativity to her YouTube channel, sharing insightful vlogs, captivating hauls, and skillful tutorials.

Beyond her accomplishments, Rivka stands as a pillar of support in Michael Bibi’s life, contributing to the artistic synergy that defines their partnership.

Their enduring marital bond, spanning several years, is a testament to their love and mutual respect.

Together, they represent a harmonious blend of talent, creativity, and love, captivating audiences with their pursuits and the inspiring story of their shared journey.

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DJ Michael Bibi Married Life

In the bustling whirlwind of London, Michael Bibi and Rivka Bibi found not just love but an enduring partnership that defies the constraints of their hectic careers.

Despite their demanding schedules, they’ve crafted a life together that radiates happiness and success.

DJ Michael Bibi Wife
DJ Michael Bibi’s talent has been acknowledged globally. (source: Exron Music)

Their story began in their hometown, where their love blossomed into a deep connection.

The picturesque island of Ibiza witnessed their commitment, hosting a beautiful wedding ceremony amidst the beats of their music, a place they often call home.

Their family grew with the arrival of their two cherished children, Leo and Lola, becoming the center of their universe.

Balancing the demands of their professions and parenthood, they master the art of time management, cherishing moments with their children, supporting each other’s ambitions, and embarking on adventures as a family.

This power couple finds harmony in their personal life and collaborates professionally, seamlessly merging their music, fashion, and travel passions.

Admired by fans and respected by peers, Michael and Rivka Bibi stand as a testament to enduring love, mutual encouragement, and unwavering partnership in music and fashion.

DJ Michael Bibi Kids

Michael Bibi and Rivka Bibi have two kids: a son named Leo and a daughter named Lola.

They are charming and adorable and often appear on their parents’ social media accounts.

Leo and Lola are also very musical; they inherit their father’s passion and talent for music.

Likewise, they love to play with instruments, sing songs, and dance to the beats.

They also enjoy traveling with their parents, as they get to see different places and cultures.

Leo and Lola are very close to each other, and they support each other in everything they do.

Moreover, they are also very friendly and outgoing, making friends quickly wherever they go.

They are the pride and joy of their parents, who shower them with love and affection.

Leo and Lola are happy and healthy kids who have a bright future ahead of them.

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