Demetress Bell Wife – Is He Married? Parents Age And Net Worth Revealed 

Demetress Bell Wife

People are curious about Demetress Bell wife, whether the defensive back has been married or not. 

Demetress Carte Bell, known initially as Demetrius Bell, is a former offensive tackle in American football. The Buffalo Bills picked him in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft after playing college football for Northwestern State. 

He spent four seasons with the Bills and one season with the Eagles. Bell made the NFL and played for half a decade despite having yet to play a down of high school football or go to college to play football.

Bell’s high school did not have a football team, therefore, he had never played organized football before attending Northwestern State. In the fall of 2005, he redshirted the basketball season and began playing for the school’s football team. 

He was first assigned to the position of defensive end. Due to injuries on the team’s offensive line the following year, he was moved to left tackle. That season, he was named to the second-team All-Louisiana.

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Demetress Bell Wife – Is He Married?

Demetress Bell is not married currently, there is no information about the American defensive back being in a relationship with a woman. 

There needs to be more precise information available about his prior and current relationship status in terms of his partnership. Furthermore, he tries to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. In the meantime, he appears to be single. Nevertheless, he is unconcerned about any rumors or controversies right now.

He was rumored to have dated someone briefly in college, but Bell has never verified the rumor.

Demetress Bell Wife
Demetress Bell In A Press Conference (Source: Bleeding Green Nation)

As a teenager, Bell preferred softball to Malone’s sport of basketball. During that time, he did not participate in any organized football. 

He eventually took up basketball during high school and performed well enough to earn a scholarship to Northwestern State University, where he appeared in 88 games over the 2003-04, 2004-05, and 2006-07 seasons. 

In 2007, Bell was one of just four NCAA athletes who played basketball and football in Division I. After the 2006-07 season, he quit basketball to focus on his football growth.

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Demetress Bell Parents Details To Know

Demetress Bell, a former NFL offensive tackle, is the son of Karl Malone, also known as The Mailman, a 57-year-old retired Basketball Hall of Fame player. Malone’s career spanned three decades, starting in 1985 and ending in 2005.

Demetress Bell was born in 1984 in Louisiana to a 20-year-old Dad and a 13-year-old mother.

Malone and Bell had little contact throughout Bell’s childhood, with the father and son only interacting on one occasion before reconciling in 2014. Currently, Demetress is 39 years old. 

Demetress Bell Wife
Demetress Bell With His Parents (Source: The Post Game)

According to reports, laboratory blood tests performed for the Bell family’s 1996 paternity case against Karl Malone indicated that Bell’s father was either Malone or a brother of Malone. 

Malone initially refused to react to the complaint but later made an out-of-court deal with the Bell family. Demetress received a single lump sum payment of an undisclosed amount with no ongoing child support. 

In commenting subsequently about the settlement, Malone’s attorney argued that it had not included an official court determination of paternity and highlighted that Malone “had a lot of brothers.”

Demetress Bell Net Worth Explored 

Most of the football player’s fortune was amassed during his time in the National Football League. He is worth more than $4 million, according to Players Bio.

He got a $34.5 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles but only made $3.2 million in his first and only season with the team.

Furthermore, he was paid $715,000 by the Dallas Cowboys. He is also the son of one of the best NBA players.

In addition, his career earnings total $5,720,129.

As a result, it is safe to assume that Bell lives a pretty comfortable existence.

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