Obituary: Deirdre Purcell Death Cause, Family And Husband

Deirdre Purcell Death Cause

Deirdre Purcell death causes furor in the news. The journalist unexpectedly passed away at age 77 following a heart attack.

Deirdre Purcell was an Irish author born in 1945. She was a former Abbey Theatre actress who played in various dramas like Drama at Inish, The Ginger Man, and The Playboy of the Western World.

She was also a TV broadcaster. Purcell was the first female anchor of the Nine O’clock news at RTÉ Television. She was awarded The Benson & Hedge Cross award for journalism.

She was also a renowned novelist. She wrote more than 20 novels in her lifetime and contributed to different literature series, with her genre spreading from romance to non-fiction.

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Obituary: Deirdre Purcell Death Cause

The Irish novelist was just 77 when she fell victim to a heart attack. She sadly passed away on February 13, 2023. Purcell left her family of her husband and two sons. Her death hit her family very abruptly and hard.

Her family announced her death on social media. Friends and fans have shared mutual condolences toward the family through different social media platforms.

The posts and messages of people expressing how important Purcell was to them surged in seconds.

Deirdre Purcell Dies of Heart-attack
Heart Attack has been revealed as the cause of Deirdre Purcell death. (Source: RTÉ )

People were so touched by Deirdre’s writing. Her novels are part of literary history, and we can never undermine her contribution to Irish literature.

Deirdre was from Dublin and attended Gortnor Abbey in County Mayo for her education. She and her husband lived in County Meath with their two sons.

Although her cause of death was first listed as a stroke, it was later revealed to be a fatal heart attack. She suffered a stroke on Monday morning and later passed away.

Who Are Deirdre Purcell family and Husband – Revealed

Deirdre Purcell was married to Kevin Healy. They met each other at RTÉ. They have two sons together, Adrian and Simon Weckler.

The family was a proud resident of the Co Meath and lived a peaceful community life. Purcell was the bond holding the family together; the family is suffering now. The pain they are experiencing is more than we can imagine.

Deirdre Purcell Family Mourns Her Death
Deirdre Purcell’s Family Mourns Her Death(Source: Instagram)

The family expressed, ” True grief over Deirdre’s sudden passing. Deirdre was still brimming with plans, goals, and hopes the day before she passed away.”  to the press.

She had been suffering from health issues for a while now, and her family was by her side till her last moment. She died knowing she mattered to the people around her and that she was loved.

Her sons Adrian and Simon are journalists, and they have to carry their mother’s legacy. The impact she had over so many people is hard to equalize.

Her shoes are too big for anyone to fill, but people are looking toward Adrian and Simon to respect their mother’s legacy.

Losing a loved one is very hard, and losing someone you love who has been with you for many years is even more challenging. That’s what Purcell’s husband, Kevin, is going through right now.

The journey Kevin and Purcell had made was not an easy one. To be together with the same person for this many years is something this generation should learn from Purcell and Kevin.

The beautiful story they had has not ended yet. The story and love will live on with Kevin and his sons.

Purcell was a mother, writer, journalist, performer, and inspiration. The world is going to feel her absence. We express our deepest condolence to the family.

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