Who Is Brandon Theesfeld Father Daniel Theesfeld And Mother Kery Ann Campbell Clay? Where Is Ally Kostial Killer Now?

Brandon Theesfeld Father and Ally Kostial killer

A few years back, Ally Kostial Death news sparked Netizens on the Internet. Theesfeld was found guilty of her murder. Who Is Brandon Theesfeld Father Daniel Theesfeld? Let’s spill out the reality. 

The young lady’s murder update caused fear in the community. In 2016’s fall, murderer Brandon Theesfeld first met Kostial.

Theesfeld is from Fort Worth, Texas. The two students attended the University of Mississippi.

According to Kostial’s friends, Ally and Brandon had an on-again-off-again romantic affair. 

Even though they had a romantic angle, the two were never officially in a relationship where they called each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Meet Brandon Theesfeld Father Daniel Theesfeld And and Mother Kery Ann Campbell Clay

Ally Kostial’s murderer Brandon Theesfeld is the son of Daniel Theesfeld (Father) and Kery Ann Campbell Clay (mother). The guy’s parents lived in Texas.

His parents admitted him to the University of Mississippi.  Brandon’s mother, Kery Clay, was emotional about her son’s wrongdoing after his arrest and pleaded guilty.

Her attorney Tony Farese shared her words with 48 Hours, saying: “After I heard my son was being interrogated by the Police, I still had no single idea it could be him. Now, after two years of knowing more of the details of their (referring to Brandon and Ally) relationship, I am heartbroken.”

His mother continued, “I feel sorry for every person this impacts. It is sad that our son did not share any of the turmoil with us and tried to manage it incorrectly. Me and my husband will always pray for the deceased Ally Kostial’s family and friends.”

Brandon’s parents think the turmoil could have been solved if he had sought help from them. His Father and mother now encourage every parent to regularly sit down with their kids, mainly teenagers, and young adults, to discuss their problems.

Brandon Theesfeld arrest
Brandon Theesfeld was found guilty of Ally Kostial’s murder. (Source: New York Post)

The two believe there will never be anything too complicated and extensive that will be out of control, and the young adults cannot handle it; so they follow a dark path to solve them. So, sharing the issues with experienced guardians could help them overcome them. 

In an interview with local station WLBT, Brandon’s Father, Daniel Theesfeld, said that his son wasn’t involved in his classmate’s murder.

His father said, “I believe my son is innocent, and I have reasons to know that, but I am obliged to share anything now. I would ask people to give him the innocence presumption until proven guilty.”

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Where Is Ally Kostial Killer Now?

Alexandria “Ally” Kostial, shortly Ally Kostial is no longer with us. The late young lady loved attending her classes at the University of Mississippi.

Kostial was shot dead by a fellow student and her alleged partner, Brandon Theesfeld. Her life was cut short at a desolate fishing camp on  20 July 2019. The location is 30 miles away from campus.

St. Louis native Ally was studying marketing at the University of Mississippi. The 21-year-old dreamt of working in fashion after graduation.

The deceased young woman was friendly and even taught fitness classes. In a way, she was living her life happily. 

The Memphis Police Department formed a Fugitive Task Force and arrested Brandon Theesfeld two hours after committing the crime. The investigating officers took help from a gas station worker.

Ally Kostial Killer Brandon Theesfeld
Memphis Police Department arrested Ally Kostial Killer Brandon Theesfeld. (Source: New York Post)

A Police dash cam recorded the whole incident of Ally Kostial’s killer being taken into custody. The officers discovered a .40 caliber gun matching the sort used in Ally’s murder inside Brandon’s truck.

Theesfeld was handed over to Lafayette County, Mississippi. There, the grand jury indicted Brandon on a capital murder charge on 30 August 2019, but he pleaded not guilty.

The Covid-19 pandemic delayed his trial. Eventually, On 27 August 2021, Ally Kostial’s killer pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

Brandon has no possibility of parole and will serve his life sentence at Parchman, the Mississippi State Penitentiary.

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