David Bromstad Husband: Is He Married In 2023?

David Bromstad Husband

David Bromstad husband has been a topic of interest among people, leading to searches such as “Is He Married In 2023?”

David Bromstad is an American designer and television personality best known for winning the debut season of HGTV’s reality competition “Design Star.”

He went on to host his own show on the network, “Color Splash,” for nearly a decade.

With his signature platinum blonde hair and vibrant personality, the designer has become one of the network’s most recognizable stars.

Furthermore, Bromstad served as the host for the television shows “Beach Flip” and “My Lottery Dream Home.”

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David Bromstad Husband: is he Married in 2023?

Lately, fans have taken a keen interest in the romantic life of the American designer, resulting in searches like “David Bromstad Husband” as they seek information on his relationship status.

As of early 2023, the television personality does not appear to be in a known romantic relationship or married.

Throughout his years in the public eye, he has chosen to remain fairly quiet about his dating life.

He has never been photographed with a confirmed partner at public events.

The host lives alone with his two dogs in Miami Beach and has not made any mention of sharing his life with a significant other lately.

David Bromstad Husband
David Bromstad husband has become a trending topic on the internet. (Source: Instagram)

While fans speculate about his relationship status from time to time, he seems content to have been single for the past several years as he focuses on his design career.

Despite his popularity and success, he has not publicly revealed any information regarding his current partner or plans for marriage.

It is important to note that public figures have the right to keep their personal lives private.

Additionally, it is possible that the artist is involved in a relationship that he chooses to keep out of the spotlight.

David Bromstad Sexuality

The renowned designer has been open about his sexuality since early in his public career.

He has openly identified as gay and came out to his family as a teenager.

Throughout his journey, Bromstad has been a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and representation in the media.

The host has expressed in interviews that he believes being overtly gay on home renovation shows has helped break stereotypes and foster acceptance.

David Bromstad Husband
David Bromstad identifies himself as gay. (Source: Instagram)

By embracing his sexual orientation, he has become a positive role model for many individuals in the LGBTQ+ community.

The designer’s sexuality is an integral part of his identity, and he embraces it without hesitation.

The TV personality’s openness about being gay has not only contributed to his personal growth and happiness but has also had a significant impact on others who look up to him.

Although he keeps his relationships private, his openness about his sexuality has been important in promoting diversity, inclusivity, and understanding in the home design industry.

David Bromstad Dating History

Though David’s dating history is not extensively publicized, there have been reports of past relationships over the years.

The TV show host was previously in a long-term relationship with Jeffrey Glasko, whom he met at a Valentine’s Day party in Orlando years earlier.

They fell in love immediately when both happened to be single.

However, after over a decade together, their relationship ended in 2015, leading to a legal battle where Glasko accused him of illicit behavior.

David Bromstad Husband
David Bromstad was the first HGTV celebrity to be honoured to Out magazine’s Out100 list of notable LGBTQ individuals. (Source: Instagram)

The home designer was cleared of the allegations and the case was dismissed. 

However, he has not addressed his past or current relationships directly in recent times.

Focused on his flourishing design career, he seems content with his single lifestyle at present.

The American designer chooses to prioritize his professional pursuits while keeping his personal relationships out of the public eye.

It is evident that Bromstad’s primary focus is on his creative goals rather than publicizing his dating history.

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