Angie Lassman New Job: Is She Leaving NBC News?

Angie Lassman New Job

People are frequently searching for Angie Lassman new job as rumors are circulating about her leaving NBC News.

Angie Lassman is an Emmy Award recipient meteorologist.

She contributes her expertise to The First Alert Weather Team during NBC 6’s 12 pm and 4 pm broadcasts.

In addition to providing weather forecasts, Lassman shares weekly narratives about the local and global effects of climate change and environmental impacts in the NBC6 Climate Check Series.

Before becoming a member of the First Alert Weather team, Angie served as the weekday morning meteorologist at Fox 26 KNPN in Saint Joseph, Missouri.

During her tenure, she dedicated two years to forecasting a wide range of weather events in the central plains region, including tornado outbreaks and snowstorms.

Additionally, as a well-known NBC meteorologist, she has gained huge popularity and a fan following.

Therefore, her well-wishers and followers are searching for Angie Lassman new job as she is rumored to leave NBC News.

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What is Angie Lassman New Job?

The NBC meteorologist is in search as people search for Angie Lassman new job following her recent fame.

Well, the media anchor debuted on the NBS’s The Today Show on 13 July 2023.

Lassman will host Today’s morning show alongside Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie.

The weather anchor has garnered massive attention as she has joined this new endeavor.

Furthermore, Angie is seen twinning with the renowned host of The Today Show, Hoda Kotb.

Angie Lassman New Job
Angie Lassman new job is as a host of The Today Show. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, earlier on February 2023, she appeared in The Today Show with the weekend team, where she appeared every Saturday.

She was welcomed by the two prodigies of NBC News, Kristen Welker and Peter Alexander.

Hence, Angie Lassman new job is to host Today’s morning show.

Moreover, Lassman’s friends and family are super proud of her for embarking on this new journey and achieving her dream of being a part of the award-winning morning show.

Is Angie Lassman Leaving NBC News?

The NBC meteorologist Angie Lassman is not leaving NBC News.

In fact, she has recently joined The Today Show as a morning show host, which is broadcasted on NBC.

The Today Show is a highly acclaimed morning television program on NBC and holds numerous awards.

Therefore, it is a significant milestone for Angie Lassman to be a part of the longest-running television series in the United States.

She has been a part of the NBC family since 2016, and before joining NBC, Angie used to work as a meteorologist at Fox 26 KNPN in Saint Joseph, Missouri.

Although the presenter has achieved heights in her anchoring career, she was in a different course in her early days.

Lassman was recruited by the Florida Institute of Technology(FIT) to join their volleyball team.

Angie Lassman New Job
Angie Lassman has a successful NBC career and is not leaving NBC News. (Source: Instagram)

While at FIT, she was a member of a scientific research team, a collegiate athlete, a two-year team captain, and a college instructor.

In addition, Angie served as a Facilitator for the FIT Department of Space Sciences, where she played a crucial role in educating people regarding space weather emergencies.

It was then the reporter got interested in climate and environmental change and felt the need to educate people through broadcast meteorology.

Recently, the NBC meteorologist has highlighted that increasing temperatures in the southern region of the United States are making it less suitable for human habitation.

Angie cited the United Nations climate report of 2022 and mentioned that the apocalyptic future is closer than people think.

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