Where Is Jim Acosta Going? New Job

Where Is Jim Acosta Going

Abilio James Acosta, commonly known as Jim Acosta, is a prominent American broadcast journalist, anchor, and former chief domestic correspondent for CNN.

Amid rumors, where is Jim Acosta going after CNN’s programming shakeup?

He gained fame for his coverage of the White House, especially during the Trump administration, where his confrontations with Trump at press briefings made headlines.

The anchor has a decade-long career covering significant political events, including the Obama administration and the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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Where is Jim Acosta going?

In the wake of a significant restructuring in CNN’s programming, announced in February 2024, conjecture abounded regarding Jim Acosta’s continued role within the network.

Rumors circulated online suggesting that the veteran journalist might be departing or had been ousted from his position.

This conjecture intensified as CNN unveiled alterations to its morning lineup, the expansion of Jake Tapper’s show, and the debut of “CNN News Central.”

These programming adjustments fueled widespread discussion and conjecture about the journalist’s potential departure from the network he had called home for over a decade.

Where Is Jim Acosta Going
Jim Acosta was recently appointed anchor and chief domestic correspondent for CNN. (Source: Variety)

Social media platforms were abuzz with speculation as users debated whether the changes signaled the end of Acosta’s tenure at CNN.

However, these rumors ultimately proved unfounded as the anchor stepped forward to clarify the situation.

In a statement, he reaffirmed his integral role within CNN’s journalistic landscape, dispelling doubts about his continued presence on the network.

The journalist’s confirmation put to rest the swirling speculation, reassuring viewers and colleagues alike that he remained a vital part of CNN’s team of correspondents and anchors.

Jim Acosta new job

Contrary to the rumors, Jim Acosta is not leaving CNN but transitioning to a new role within the network. He has been appointed as the chief domestic correspondent and weekday anchor.

The American broadcast journalist will host a show under the same name as his weekend program, “CNN Newsroom,” from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

He will continue covering major domestic stories and breaking news nationwide in this new capacity.

Where Is Jim Acosta Going
Jim Acosta is a highly respected journalist and anchor in the media industry. (Source: Page Six)

The anchor confirmed his new position via Twitter on February 19, 2024, expressing excitement about the next chapter in his career.

He bid farewell to his weekend show’s viewers and team on February 18, 2024, expressing gratitude for their support and loyalty.

The journalist acknowledged CNN’s CEO and chairman, Chris Licht, for entrusting him with the opportunity to continue contributing to the network.

Jim Acosta Leaving CNN: Real or Hoax?

Despite widespread speculation, Jim Acosta’s departure from CNN is a hoax.

His transition to a new role as anchor and chief domestic correspondent underscores his ongoing dedication to the network.

Acosta’s extensive background, notably as CNN’s chief White House correspondent during the Trump administration, highlights his credibility and journalistic merit.

Commencing on February 26, 2024, the anchor will helm the CNN Newsroom every morning at 10 a.m. Eastern, consolidating his pivotal role within the network’s programming.

Where Is Jim Acosta Going
Jim Acosta has been with CNN for 17 years. (Source: JMU)

Moreover, he will persist in covering significant domestic news stories and emerging developments across the United States.

After the broadcast journalist’s segment, Pamela Brown will debut “The Bulletin,” a new show emphasizing the delivery of paramount news stories of the day.

His transition epitomizes CNN’s strategic initiative to enhance its programming roster while capitalizing on the expertise of distinguished journalists such as Acosta and Brown.

Since joining CNN in 2007, the anchor has provided extensive coverage of pivotal political events, including serving as the senior White House correspondent during the Obama administration.

His discerning insights and comprehensive reporting on presidential campaigns have solidified CNN’s reputation for delivering thorough and trustworthy news coverage.

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