Twitch Streamer Clix Girlfriend Sommerset Relationship Timeline Age And Net Worth

Clix Girlfriend

Clix Girlfriend has become the new hot topic of gossip in the Gaming world. Find out if the streamer is dating Sommerset.

Clix is a young Fortnite player who streams his gameplay on Twitch. He previously played for Misfits gaming and now plays for NRG Esport.

Sommerset is a Twitch streamer and professional gamer from the United States.

She also produces Fortnite-related content. She began streaming back in 2019.

The streamer is also a YouTuber with over 301k subscribers on her official YouTube channel and 5.1k subscribers on her Shorts channel.

She has more than 29 million views on both of her channels combined.

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Is Clix Girlfriend Sommerset – Are They Dating?

No, Clix and Sommerset are not dating. Although various articles claim that they have been dating for a long time, there is no proof of it.

The rumors started after Clix showed acts of love on various streams toward Sommerset. She, however, has denied the rumors of them dating on various occasions.

Clix even sent her a valentine’s day gift which she revealed in a stream. The pair is often seen streaming together which adds more to the already widely spread rumor.

Clix posts on Instagram
“Met my Fortnite girlfriend in real life” Clix posts on Instagram (Source: Instagram)

Sommerset, whose real name is Kayla, currently single. She dated Jake Vilela, a Fortnite streamer, for a while back a few years back. There haven’t been any reports of her dating anyone else as of yet.

On the other side, Clix is also rumored to be dating someone else whose identity is still unknown. Clix has always been around such rumors. He was also rumored to be dating Darla Claire in 2022.

clix and Sommerset Age revealed

Clix, whose real name is Cody Conrod, was born on January 7, 2005. The 18-year-old’s gamer is from Connecticut. He has an older brother who introduced him to his first game, Minecraft.

After he bought his first computer in June 2018, Clix bought his first computer after loaning some money from his dad and started playing Fortnite. He paid back the money after only a few weeks.

His parents are currently divorced. Before starting his Professional gaming Career, he played Basketball and competed in track and field.

Sommerset aka Kayla was born on August 9, 2003, in Texas. The 19-year-old streamer is one year older than Clix.

Sommerset is the first female player to reach 100 thousand arena points in Fortnite. She is also seen streaming Among Us and Apex legend.

Clix Net Worth

streamers earn enough money to sustain their families. The average income of a Twitch streamer is somewhere between 3000 US Dollars to 5000 US Dollars.

Both Clix and Sommerset earn more than that usual. They have a successful gaming career and they are of greater height than an average Twitch streamer.

Net Worth Clix & Sommerset
Sommerset and Clix met 3 years after knowing each other(Source: Instagram)

According to esports earnings, Clix has managed to earn a whopping 373,598 USD from 68 tournaments he has played. In addition to that, he also has 2.03 million subscribers and 165k views on YouTube.

We can expect his net worth to be somewhere around a million dollars which is very impressive for his young age. He earns more than an average American corporate employee.

Sommerset also has a similar net worth. She has just played 2 tournaments till now and has earned around 10,000 Dollars which is very less in comparison to Clix but she makes up for it with her huge TikTok presence.

She has 237.7k followers on TikTok and promotes different brands on her social media. In addition to that, she also earns from YouTube streams which adds up to nearly half a million dollars.

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