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Chris Kaba

Many are interested in learning more about the rapper’s death case and life before he was fatally murdered; therefore, “Chris Kaba Wikipedia” has become a trending topic. To learn more about the rapper’s life, death, and family background, keep reading.

Chris, renowned as Mad Itch 67 and Madix, was a skilled British rapper and songwriter. In the London music scene, the rapper was also known as “Itch.” He was described as a genuine musician and a kind person who has no ties to criminal gangs.

On September 5, 2022, a police officer shot and killed the rapper in Streatham Hill, London. People think that if he had not been black, the armed Met Police officers in London who shot him would not have murdered him.

As a result of the case being forwarded to the Crown Prosecution Service, it has lately made headlines once more (CPS).

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Chris Kaba Wikipedia Bio 

Kaba was born in 1999, and he was a soon-to-be father with his fiance, Karimah Waite; the couple had been engaged for some time and were preparing for the arrival of their kid in the coming months. They learned they were going to be parents to a little girl.

The couple had grand plans for the coming year, but only five months before the wedding, things went horribly wrong.

Chris kaba Wikipedia
Chris Kaba, 24, was shot dead by armed police on Monday, September 5, following a car chase (Source: Daily Mail)

The rapper was a British citizen of mixed ethnicity. He was very enthusiastic about music and hoped to have a significant effect on the music world. He was also a big supporter of Premier League football.

“He was so loved. He was so funny. He was super-kind. Crazy. He was always happy. He’d do anything for you.”, said Kim Alleyne, his fiancé’s mother.

Chris Kaba Criminal Record And Convictions

The songwriter, who was expecting his first child, was killed after a car pursuit in Streatham on Monday evening, September 5, 2022, with images from the scene revealing a BMW with a single bullet hole through the windscreen.

The cop who shot him, identified only as NX121, was suspended from duty one week later. The Met Police claimed a “suspect” vehicle was stopped at 9.51 p.m. in Kirkstall Gardens, south London, using “tactical contact.” According to the police, a male in his twenties was carried to the hospital and confirmed deceased.

The artist’s loved ones said in a statement posted through the charity inquest that they are “worried” his life was “cut short” because of his skin color.

A non-registered Audi Q8 driven by Kaba, who had previously served time in prison for having a toy gun intended to incite fear of violence, was followed by an unmarked police car with armed cops inside.

Chris Kaba
Thousands of people marched to the Met Police’s headquarters on September 10, led by members of Chris Kaba’s family (Source: MyLondon)

According to the IOPC, the musician was trying to ram the Audi past the roadblock when police reportedly fired one round at him, striking him. Despite being boxed in by police vehicles, he refused to get out of the automobile despite numerous requests to do so. He was brought to a local hospital, where shortly after midnight the following day he passed away from his wounds.

The Audi was linked to a “firearms incident” a few days prior via automatic number-plate recognition, and neither the car nor the location had any “non-police firearms found,” according to the IOPC. The victim’s family demanded details on whether any firearms were discovered as well as a homicide investigation into his death.

Chris Kaba Family Background

The British rapper is Helen and Prosper Kaba’s son. Following the loss of their son, the parents were in despair and took part in the protest to demand justice for their rapper son. On Saturday, March 4, his family hosted a community gathering at New Road Baptist Church to highlight six months after the unarmed black man was killed by a Met Officer.

Chris’s father, Prosper, first spoke to LBC and said, “We as a family – we think that six months is too much.

“The killer, if he was not an Officer, he should be in prison. Why is it taking long for justice? Do we need two justice for one country – or one justice for everyone?”

Helen, the songwriter’s mother, added: “Everything has been stopped. We cannot do nothing – because we are thinking every day, every single day, we are thinking about Chris.”

Chris Kaba parents
Chris Kaba’s parents, Prosper and Helen, have accused the Met of racism (Source: BBC)

“What will happen exactly in this case? Because they are taking too long – but we need answers. This was the happiest boy, happiest man, father to be – he deserved life.”

Mr. Kaba’s parents expressed their sorrow for their newborn granddaughter, who was born after her father was fatally shot.

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