13-Year-Old Shreyas Hareesh Accident Linked To Death Cause: Parents Devastated

Shreyas Hareesh accident

The tragic accident occurred shortly after the beginning of the Rookie category race during the third round of the MRF MMSC FMSCI Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2023. Find out more about Shreyas Hareesh accident.

Shreyas Hareesh, a rising talent from Bengaluru, tragically died after sustaining injuries from an accident during the third round of the MRF MMSC FMSCI Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2023.

The devastating crash occurred on Saturday at the Madras International Circuit.

Shreyas, nicknamed Copparam, was a promising young rider competing in the championship when he fatally crashed on the track.

Despite his youth, he was already making his mark in the sporting field.

But his aspirations were cut short by the devastating accident that claimed his life during the event in Madras.

The young teenager had a bright future ahead before the tragic racing incident stole that away.

His untimely passing has dealt a heartbreaking blow to Indian motorsports, which lost one of its hopeful prospects.

The Hareesh family, online users, and motorcycle racing community are left in a state of mourning as Shreyas is no longer with us.

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13-Year-Old Shreyas Hareesh Accident Linked To Death Cause

13-year-old Shreyas Hareesh was born on July 26, 2010, and attended Kensri School in Bengaluru.

Despite his young age, he was already being celebrated as a rising star in motorcycle racing.

Shreyas had won numerous national races, including four consecutive victories on the rookie circuit of the Petronas TVS One-Make Championship this season.

At just 13 years old, Shreyas Hareesh became the youngest ever racer and race victor in his competition categories.

In addition, he had also competed in Spain’s MiniGP earlier this year, impressively finishing fifth and third.

Shreyas Hareesh accident
Little details about Shreyas Hareesh accident are available (Source: The Indian Express)

However, tragedy struck on Saturday when Shreyas was competing in round three of the Indian National Championship at the Madras International Circuit.

After starting from pole position, he crashed in Turn 1 and suffered a fatal head injury.

The race was immediately red-flagged after his fall. Shreyas was rushed to the hospital but, heartbreakingly, was pronounced dead on arrival.

So while he was blazing records and displaying talent on track at such a young age, his life was devastatingly cut short by the accident after starting the race out front.

The crash resulted in unreversible head trauma, stealing the life of the brilliant 13-year-old.

Further details about Shreyas Hareesh accident have not been revealed as of the writing and publishing of this article.

Shreyas Hareesh parents are devastated.

The abrupt and tragic death of 13-year-old Shreyas has left his loved ones reeling with grief and a profound void.

His family is absolutely devastated over the sudden loss of their beloved son, brother, and cherished member of the Hareesh household at such a tender age.

Shreyas’s untimely passing has shattered his family and engulfed them in immense sorrow.

Shreyas Hareesh accident
Shreyas Hareesh was a teenager who lost his life in a motorcycle race (Source: The Indian Express)

To lose him so unexpectedly and far before his time has inflicted an agonising wound on those closest to this bright young racer.

His family is stricken with anguish and heartbreak to have their precious child and sibling ripped away without warning by this fatal accident.

No family anticipates having to bury a child, making the pain and trauma in the aftermath of Shreyas’s passing all the more acute.

His loved ones have been left shattered and lost without him as they struggle to cope with his absence, leaving a permanent hole in their lives.

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