Elizabeth Thomas Kidnapping Teacher Tad Cummins Charged Sentence

Elizabeth Thomas kidnapping

Elizabeth Thomas Kidnapping: In early 2017, Elizabeth was engaging in inappropriate contact with her 50-year-old married teacher, Tad Cummins, before mysteriously disappearing two months later, triggering a nationwide search.

Cummins had groomed the vulnerable minor before abducting her, landing on Tennessee’s Top 10 Most Wanted list in March 2017.

In late April, Elizabeth was finally tracked to a remote California cabin, where Cummins was captured after traveling 2,500 miles from her Culleoka home.

This unsettling case centered around teacher Tad Cummins’ manipulation of his student, Elizabeth Thomas.

Also, their inappropriate relationship escalated to Cummins abducting Elizabeth and taking her across the country.

Weeks later, she was recovered in California, and Cummins was arrested for the kidnapping.

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Elizabeth Thomas Kidnapping

On March 13, 2017, Tad Cummins informed his wife, Jill, that he needed to attend a job interview near the Williamson County Medical Centre.

Nevertheless, Tad’s dishonesty about his whereabouts was not the final instance of deception.

As per sources, Tad’s wife, Jill, informed them that Tad had borrowed $4,500 from the bank shortly before the abduction.

Jill disclosed that the loan had been obtained with the pretext that Tad intended to utilize the money to pursue new job opportunities.

Elizabeth Thomas kidnapping
                                                  An image of Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummings (Source: Fox News)

In addition, the surveillance cameras in the vicinity captured Cummins stopping at a gas station.

From there, he proceeded to the Shoney Restaurant, where Elizabeth Thomas was employed.

Before her disappearance, surveillance footage also revealed Thomas carrying an additional set of clothes to her workplace.

This raised suspicions among law enforcement, indicating that the escape had been premeditated.

When Thomas failed to return home after her shift at the restaurant, her parents promptly reported her missing to the police.

Elizabeth Thomas: Where was she found?

Three days following the disappearance, on March 16, the FBI received information from an employee of a Super 8 Motel who claimed to have spotted Cummins and Thomas on the motel premises.

Regrettably, the police could not apprehend them, as they had already departed.

Several weeks later, on April 1, 2023, they received a comparable tip from an employee at a different Super 8 Motel.

Elizabeth Thomas kidnapping
During the initial stages of the search, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations unveiled a compilation of images featuring Elizabeth Thomas (Source: Fox News)

This prompted law enforcement to suspect that the duo might be lodging in various motels nationwide.

Consequently, the police heightened their monitoring and scrutiny of these motels.

Over a month after vanishing, Thomas was finally located by police on April 21 in a remote Northern California cabin.

The owner, Gryphon Barry, identified Cummins from news reports and stalled him with food until police arrived and arrested Cummins, safely recovering Elizabeth.

Teacher Tad Cummins Charged Sentence

Lifetime’s movie “Abducted by My Teacher” delves into the harrowing abduction of 15-year-old high school student Elizabeth Thomas in 2017.

The film was set to be released on the streaming platform on Saturday, August 12, 2023, at 8/7c.

In subsequent legal proceedings, Elizabeth revealed Cummins took her to the secluded cabin upon seeing police monitoring motels nationwide for them.

Elizabeth Thomas kidnapping
                                                Tad Cummings was arrested for kidnapping a minor (Source: Fox News)

Also, Cummins received a 20-year Alabama prison sentence for her kidnapping, which he continues serving currently.

So over a month after Elizabeth’s abduction, police found and rescued her from a California cabin on April 21, arresting Capt. Cummins.

Elizabeth later shared that Cummins hid them in the remote cabin, knowing police were tracking motels.

Furthermore, Cummins remains imprisoned on a 20-year sentence for his crimes against the teenager.

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