Is Cdawgva Balding? Health Update Wikipedia Bio, Net Worth 2023

Cdawgva Balding

Cdawgva Balding raises serious concern among his fans. People want to get updated about his health.

Connor Marc Colquhoun, Cdawgva, is a Welsh voice actor, YouTuber, and Twitch Streamer.

Cdawagva mainly makes content related to video games, manga, and anime. He has a very cheerful personality and has an unserved, amusing, and keen appearance on social media.

Cdawagva is widely famous for his entertaining content and his sense of humor while discussing content.

His analytical skills have also been widely praised, as he often analyses different manga and video games. His knowledge and expertise in the field of virtual entertainment are something many people envy.

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Is Cdawgva Balding? Health Update

Yes, it appears that Cdawgva is balding at a young age. He has started showing signs of early balding, which is okay.

Balding in young men is more common than we think. Hair loss can be very stressful and quite a challenging experience for both men and women.

Cdawgva tweet
Cdawgva tweeted about his baldness (Source: Twitter)

Many studies have soon that around 16% of men aged 18 to 29 show early signs of hair loss. Most of these cases are genetic.

However, it can be prevented. If noticed in time, different treatments are available to restore hair growth. We can say that hair loss is a natural thing and not particularly a disease.

Cdawgva blading is not a disease, and his health is totally fine. His hairline can be stored if he takes the right action in time.

Cdawgva Wikipedia Bio

Cdawgva, aka Connor, was born on 26 July 1996 in Denbigh, Denbighshire, Wales. He currently lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Connor started his YouTube career in February 2014. He did voice acting on his YouTube and slowly started getting paying gigs. He lived in London then and worked as a professional narrator for corporation work and commercials.

Cdawgva At Chess Slap
Cdawgva At Chess Slap in California (Source: Instagram)

Connor moved to Tokyo in November 2019 to start his career as an influencer for the Kadokawa-backed agency GeeXPlus. He started promoting anime and Japanese culture worldwide through his content.

In 2020, he started hosting a weekly podcast called “Trash Tate” with Joey Bizinger and Garnt Maneetapho, where they discussed anime content and their personal experience in Japan and Otaku culture.

The first episode of the podcast broadcasted on 5 June 2020. The podcast is entertaining, informative, and a guide for those who want to enter Japanese culture. All the episodes are available on iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify.

Cdawgva also became a presenter at Crunchyroll Anime Awards in 2020 and 2021. He also participated in Tournament Arc, a live-streamed chess tournament. He lost to Garnt Maneetapho.

Cdawgva and Chris Broad
Cdawgva and Chris Broad on charity Cyclethon (Source: Instagram)

In 2022, he participated in a 750 km ‘cyclethon’ with Chris Broad across Hokkaido for charity and raised 310,000 USD on Twitch. He also plays games like Apex Legends, chess, and Jump King.

He was also a part of the Chess-Slap tournament in California. He is also seen cosplaying and role-playing in his videos. The entertaining content he provides to his viewers is why he is so famous in the anime community.

Cdawgva Net Worth in 2023

Cdawgva is a global icon in the anime community and has millions of followers all over his social media. It is very hard to know exactly how much his net worth is but we can calculate it by looking at some statistics.

Cdawgva balding
Cdawgva in Anime Expo California (Source: Instagram)

CDawgVA, his official YouTube handle, has 356,107,306 views with more than 2.9M Subscribers. so we can estimate his earning from ad revenue to be around 1.2 Million USD.

This is just an estimation as ad revenue can vary from country to country depending on where the viewer is watching it from. So, nobody actually knows except Cdawgva how much he is worth.

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