Kiaraakitty Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pics, Boyfriend And Net Worth

Kiaraakitty Plastic Surgery

Kiaraakitty Plastic Surgery rumors create curiosity among her fans. People are now digging through her old photos for comparison.

Kiaraakitty, whose real name is Cheng Wing Yee, is a Singaporean Twitch streamer known for her alluring streams.

Cheng Wing Yee was born on July 23, 2002, and has a brother and a sister. Kiara had a marketing career before she shifted to Twitch as a full-time streamer.

She started her Twitch career in September 2015. She posts vlogs and parts of her life on Twitch. In her eight years of Twitch career, she has been part of many controversies and has also been band.

She has also reportedly scammed seven people for money and made racist comments to people. Questionable accusations have surrounded her stream career.

Kiaraakitty Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pics

Rumors have it Kiaraakitty has recently done a few plastic surgeries on her body. It is also reported that her boyfriend covered all the expenses.

Allegedly, she had surgery over her nose, teeth, cheekbones, chin, and breast. Her social media handles are full of alluring pictures.

Kiaraakitty Plastic Surgery
Kiaraakitty on her controversial Jacuzzi stream (Source: Instagram)

The photos uploaded all over the internet as before and after photos of Kiaraakitty have formed a false standard for women.

There is also no evidence that those are before and after pictures of her surgery that she has yet to accept. There is no factual news from her side, and her fans are just spreading rumors that might or might not be accurate.

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Kiaraakitty Boyfriend Revealed

According to The KiaraaKitty Love Scam, Kiaraakitty has had up to 3 serious relationships, and there is no report of her current boyfriend.

Her second relationship needs after five years of serious dating before she met her third ex-bf, Bai. In her love scam controversy, she mentioned Bai as a broke loser and broke up with her after October 2019.

In September 2019, she went to the USA to stream for 40 days till October. There she collapsed with many streamers. After returning, she broke up with Bai and started dating cooksux, a streamer at Twitch.

Kiaraakitty Plastic Surgery
Kiaraakitty running a marathon in Singapore (Source: Instagram)

In the scam recording, she mentions that she wanted to hire a hitman to kill cooksux because she couldn’t manipulate and control him. She denies saying this, but after the recording came out, coolsux broke up with her in September 2020.

Cooksux said he knew the recording and clarified that he ended the relationship immediately. He also expressed his shock that she wanted to kill her. There has been no report of Kiaraakitty’s following relation after him.

Her controversies include: imitation of an Indian accent in 2017, a Jacuzzi stream incident in 2021, a love scam in 2021, Earning 122k USD in two years leak in 2021, and a recent 4-day ban from Twitch in 2023.

Although all the other controversies are known and caused a stir in the Twitch community, her latest ban comes without proper clarification. Fans are speculating that this ban results from sexual content in her latest stream.

Kiaraakitty Net Worth

According to the different media outlets, the streamer has an estimated net worth of around 1 million USD to 5 Million USD. However, there has yet to be any official statement by Kiaraa over this.

Kiaraakitty Plastic Surgery
Kiaraakitty has a massive following on Instagram (Source: Instagram)

She has more than 190k followers on Instagram and is often seen promoting Nike and victorias secret on her Instagram handle.

She also has an only fans account where she posts private content for a certain fee. This also adds up to her net worth.

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