Carol Vorderman Missing, Where Is She Now? Health Update And Illness

Carol Vorderman

If you are wondering about Carol Vorderman missing topic, you have come to the right place, as this article will provide all the information regarding Carol’s health update and illness.

Carol Jean Vorderman, MBE, HonFIET, is a renowned British television personality, broadcaster, and writer.

She started her career in 1982 on the game show Countdown, where she appeared alongside Richard Whiteley until his passing in 2005.

Subsequently, she continued on the show with Des Lynam and Des O’Connor before departing in 2008.

During her time on Countdown, Vorderman expanded her television presence by hosting various programs for different broadcasters.

These included Better Homes (1991–2003) and The Pride of Britain Awards (1999–present) for ITV.

Additionally, she served as a guest host on shows such as Have I Got News for You (2004–2006), The Sunday Night Project (2006), and Lorraine (2011, 2018–2019, and 2022).

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Carol Vorderman Missing, Where Is She Now?

Carol Vorderman missing has become one of the most popular topics on the internet to talk about and discuss lately.

After achieving success on the I’m A Celebrity All Stars series in South Africa, Carol Vorderman has secured a significant new television opportunity.

The beloved TV personality, aged 62, is set to make a comeback to an iconic role, marking her return after a 17-year absence from the show.

In addition to regularly appearing on the ITV spin-off, Carol will also be featured in an upcoming episode of the popular show I’ve Got News For You.

Carol Vorderman missing
Carol Vorderman took to Instagram to share her latest weight loss with fans. (Source: Yahoo Life UK)

Fans of the show will have the chance to see her on their screens once again, further adding to her television presence.

Episode seven of the topical comedy show will feature Carol Vorderman as a panelist, marking her first appearance on the program.

Joining her on the panel will be Nabil Abdulrashid, a comedian and former finalist on Britain’s Got Talent, who will be making his second appearance.

Carol Vorderman health update

As per sources, a renowned British television personality, broadcaster, and writer recently revealed surprising health news that has led her to give up sunbathing.

The 62-year-old television personality shared this information with her fans before the airing of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity South Africa.

Carol, known for her time on Channel 4’s Countdown, explained that she has had multiple pre-cancerous skin biopsies, which prompted her decision to avoid sunbathing.

Carol Vorderman
Carol Vorderman stuns Instagram fans as she shows off new look (Source: Entertainment Daily)

Instead, she now opts for a fake tan as a safer alternative. She even asked her fans if they liked the fake tan she had applied the previous night, hoping that it would last.

In addition, Carol, who is a mother of two, also took the opportunity to showcase the bikinis she packed for her stay in South Africa.

Expressing her anticipation, she mentioned her apprehension towards the showering aspects of being in camp.

Carol Vorderman illness

The renowned journalist expressed her frustration with being unable to secure an appointment with her general practitioner (GP), leading her to seek private healthcare instead.

During her private consultation, she discovered that her thyroid hormone levels were lower than the optimal range.

According to sources, she has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a condition characterized by an underactive thyroid gland.

Carol Vorderman
Carol Vorderman shows off her incredible curves in two skintight outfits (Source: The Scottish Sun)

Some common symptoms associated with this condition include fatigue, weight gain, and feelings of depression.

She shared that she sought the assistance of a functional medicine doctor who took proactive steps to restore her thyroid levels to the appropriate range.

As part of her treatment, the doctor prescribed thyroxine, a medication Carol has been taking for the past six months.

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