Meet Ving Rhames Kids Reign Beau And Freedom Rhames Wife Deborah Reed

Ving Rhames Kids

Legendary star Ving Rhames is a known name in the American film industry. However, fans are curious about Ving Rhames Kids and his wife.

Irving Rameses Rhames, mostly known as Ving Rhames, is an American actor who has gained recognition for performing in various films.

Ving achieved significant popularity in 1994 when Quentin Tarantino selected him for the pivotal role of the ruthless drug dealer Marsellus Wallace in the immensely popular film Pulp Fiction.

He is also particularly notable for his supporting portrayal, such as IMF Agent Luther Stickell in the Mission: Impossible movie franchise, in which he was cast alongside Tom Cruise.

In addition to his notable roles, he has appeared in several other films, including Jacob’s Ladder, Dave, Striptease, Con Air, Only in America, Out of Sight, Entrapment, and many more.

Furthermore, he voiced the character of Cobra Bubbles in the animated films Lilo & Stitch, Stitch! The Movie, and Leroy & Stitch.

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Meet Ving Rhames Kids Reign Beau And Freedom Rhames

Ving has three kids, two daughters, Reign Beau and Tiffany Reed, and a son Freedom Rhames. Tiffany is their half-sister from his wife Deborah’s past marriage.

Reign Beau was born in the year 2000 and is an Instagram model. In addition to modeling, she also advocates against discrimination and injustice. 

In June 2020, she took to her Instagram and posted a simple black photo, expressing her unwavering commitment to advocating for the rights of people of color throughout her entire life.

Ving Rhames Kids
Ving Rhames daughter Reign Beau with her mother Deborah. (Source: Instagram)

In her heartfelt message, the 23-year-old emphasized that the movement was not a passing phase or a temporary trend.

In her own words, it represented an enduring struggle for her and the lives of every black individual.

Like Reigh, Rhames’ son, Freedom, born in February 2002, also brings pride to the family.

The 21-year-old has made a name for himself as a talented basketball player.

MaxPreps, a high school-based magazine, reported that Freedom showcased his basketball skills during his two-year tenure at Brentwood High School in Los Angeles.

Additionally, in June 2019, Ving attended one of his kid’s games against Fairfax, showing his support and involvement in his child’s basketball pursuits.

Meet Ving Rhames Wife Deborah Reed

Pulp Fiction star Ving married Deborah Reed, an actress, on December 25, 2000. 

But despite the outward appearance of a flawless family, things were far from perfect beneath the surface. Consequently, the couple discreetly separated after being married for 11 years.

However, their separation remained unknown to the public until several years later.

Rhames and his wife separated in April 2011, with Rhames later filing for divorce on September 24, 2013, formalizing their decision to end their marriage.

Ving Rhames Kids
Ving Rhames and wife Deborah Reed on a movie premiere. (Source: Shutterstock)

After three years, Reed pursued joint legal custody but sought primary custody of their children.

Additionally, she filed for spousal support and requested coverage for attorney fees.

Despite a prolonged period of minimal progress in the case, a significant turning point occurred when Rhames filed a petition in October 2018, seeking joint custody of their children.

Subsequently, he requested the court’s intervention to reach a resolution regarding their children’s custody, support, and spousal support matters.

Moreover, Rhames sought a definitive ruling from the court to address these issues.

Furthermore, he has submitted documents requesting the court to schedule a trial date for their divorce proceedings.

According to documents gathered by the Blast, the actor had requested joint legal and physical custody of his children, as stated in his filings.

Despite the passage of time, it appears that Rhames’ divorce from Deborah has yet to reach a final resolution, as no public information is available regarding their legal separation.

No news or details about their legal separation have been reported or circulated online.

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