Is Jessica Tarlov Fired From Fox News? What Happened?

Is Jessica Tarlov Fired

Jessica Tarlov, a familiar face on Fox News, has not only made waves in the media landscape with her insightful commentary but has also captured attention with her personal life.

She is married to Brian McKenna, a Canadian documentary filmmaker. They tied the knot in May 2021.

Their joy expanded with the arrival of their daughter, Cleo Markie McKenna, born in December 2021.

Recently, on January 10, 2024, Jessica shared on “The Five” the delightful news of her second pregnancy, expecting another girl in April.

Despite her evident happiness in both her personal and professional spheres, rumors swirl about her potential departure from her job.

Amidst concerns and searches for her current status, the truth about Jessica Tarlov’s career remains elusive.

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Is Jessica Tarlov Fired From Fox News? Maternal leave

Is Jessica Tarlov fired from Fox News? Despite speculation circulating online, Jessica Tarlov has not been fired from her role at Fox News.

Since her introduction as a contributor in 2017, Tarlov has ascended to prominence within the network, notably serving as a rotating co-host on “The Five,” one of Fox News’s flagship programs.

As a liberal voice on the show, she offers viewers a Democratic perspective on a wide array of issues, adding diversity to the network’s commentary.

While rumors of her dismissal persist, there is no concrete evidence to support such claims.

Instead, it’s important to consider alternative explanations for her potential absence from Fox News programming.

Tarlov recently announced on “The Five” that she is expecting her second child, due in April.

Given this development, it’s plausible that she may take maternity leave in the near future, temporarily stepping away from her on-screen duties.

Is Jessica Tarlov Fired
Jessica Tarlov is pregnant with her second child. (Source: X)

In light of this, it’s crucial to differentiate between speculation and reality when discussing Jessica Tarlov’s status at Fox News.

While her impending maternity leave might lead to a temporary absence from the network, it does not indicate termination from her position.

Until official statements from Fox News or Tarlov herself confirm otherwise, assertions of her firing remain unfounded.

Thus, Jessica Tarlov’s continued presence as a co-host on “The Five” and her status as a contributor to Fox News demonstrate that she remains a valued member of the network’s team.

While her upcoming maternity leave might lead to a temporary hiatus from on-screen appearances, there is no evidence to suggest that she has been fired.

As such, it’s essential to approach rumors about her employment status with caution and rely on verified information to draw accurate conclusions.

What Happened To Jessica Tarlov? 

Jessica Tarlov has recently become the subject of speculation among her fans. 

Her insightful commentary and Democratic perspective have solidified her position as a respected commentator on various issues.

Despite recent concerns from fans wondering about her status, there is no indication that anything specific has happened to Jessica Tarlov.

As of the most recent information available, she continues to maintain her presence on Fox News and her ongoing role on “The Five.”

There have been no reports of any significant changes in her professional or personal life that would warrant concern.

Furthermore, recent news indicates that Tarlov is about to welcome her second child with Brian McKenna, her husband.

This joyful event adds to the positive developments in her life, further suggesting that she is perfectly fine.

Is Jessica Tarlov Fired
Jessica Tarlov daughter. (Source: X)

While fans may be curious about any potential changes or updates regarding Tarlov’s status, it appears that she is continuing with her usual activities both professionally and personally.

The speculation surrounding her has likely arisen due to her increased visibility on Fox News and her impending maternity leave.

However, there is no cause for alarm as there is no evidence to suggest that anything negative has occurred.

So, Jessica Tarlov remains a prominent figure on Fox News, and there is no indication that anything specific has happened to her.

Fans can rest assured that she is doing well, both in her professional endeavors as a co-host on “The Five” and in her personal life as she prepares to welcome her second child.

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