Cagdas Cankaya And His Wife Zilan Tigris Died In Turkey Earthquake- Family And Net Worth

Cagdas Cankaya

The beautiful country Turkey is recently hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake which has caused thousands of people’s life. Whereas, the disaster also took the life of Kurulus Osman actor Cagdas Cankaya Wife Zilan Tigris.

While the rescue team was searching for and recovering the body of the deceased ones, the production company confirmed that the bodies were of the actor and his wife.
The popular actor in the Turkish series Kurulus: Osman, where portrayed as an important soldier at Konya Palace.
The earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria has caused huge problems in both countries resulting in many serious crises.
The news about the Turkish actor and his wife has shocked his admirers and the whole media worldwide.

did Cagdas Cankaya And His Wife Zilan Tigris Die In Turkey Earthquake?

The destructive earthquake not only affected Turkey’s and Syria’s citizens but shocked everyone about how can natural disasters bring a huge change in our life without any clue.

The lead character of the Turkish series Kurulus Osman and his beloved wife who was a musician by profession Zilan Tigris declared dead after their body was recovered by their production team.

They are known by millions of people for their acting skills and great personality but sadly it is hard to believe that they are no more with us.

Cagdas Cankaya Wife
Çağdaş Çankaya and his wife Zilan Tigris, who have been under the rubble for days, passed away ( Source: CNN Turk)
Cagdas and his wife lost their lives in the rubble of the nine-story Sozel Apartment, which collapsed in the Office District of Diyarbakr’s Yenishehir area.
However, the other descriptions are not available at the time being. if there is an update in detail we will recover it in another article.

cagdas cankaya: Family explored

Cankaya is originally from Malatya Turkey and was currently residing in Istanbul with his wife and family.

The late renowned Turkish actor and his wife musician have lost their lives which have hampered their family and their relatives in an unbelievable way.

Their social media account is kept private from everyone except their families and relatives who know them in person.

Cagdas Cankaya
The heart-wrenching development comes as rescue efforts continue after devastating earthquakes that hit Turkey, and Syria ( Source: Pakistan Observer)
Unlike, other celebrities the pair used to keep their information private and outreach from the media.
If there is availability of information about their families and siblings, we will include those details in another article.

cagdas cankaya Net worth revealed

As Cagdas is a very famous actor and according to estimations, he might have a net worth of approximately $1 million.

The deceased couple might have other assets as secondary earnings but the information is not revealed to the media.

He holds thousands of followers on his Instagram, and on Facebook who admires and love his acting and supports his acting career.

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