Is Laurence Fox Racist? What Did He Say- Controversy Explained

Laurence Fox racist

Laurence Paul Fox is a multifaceted individual with roles in acting, broadcasting, music, and political activism. Is Laurence Fox racist? Find out. 

As a member of the renowned Fox family in the entertainment industry, he completed his education at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and made his debut in the film “The Hole” in 2001.

His most prominent acting role was as James Hathaway in the TV series “Lewis,” which aired from 2006 to 2015.

Additionally, he ventured into the music scene with the release of the studio album “Holding Patterns” in 2016.

Fox holds conservative views and made public criticisms of the George Floyd protests and COVID-19 vaccines in 2020.

In response to his beliefs, he founded a right-wing populist political party called Reclaim.

In the 2021 London mayoral election, he ran as a candidate but did not succeed, securing only 1.9% of the vote, resulting in the loss of his election deposit.

Fox’s involvement in politics has been marked by numerous controversies and legal disputes.

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Is Laurence Fox Racist?

The netizens are eager to know about Laurence Fox racist rumours. So here is what they need to know: 

During a January 2020 appearance as a panellist on the BBC’s political debate show Question Time, Fox expressed the opinion that Meghan Markle was not a victim of racism.

He also labelled an audience member who referred to him as a “white privileged male” as racist.

Also, this viewpoint drew criticism from the British actors’ union, Equity, which initially called him “a disgrace to our industry.”

Laurence Fox racist
                                      Laurence has more than 58k followers on his Instagram account (Source: Instagram)

However, two months later, Equity retracted its criticism and issued an apology.

In September 2020, Fox claimed that his “Lewis” co-star Rebecca Front had effectively “cancelled” him by blocking him on Twitter.

This action was taken by Front in response to Fox’s use of the All Lives Matter counter-slogan in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Later, Fox apologised for sharing private text messages between himself and Front, which revealed the reasons behind her decision to block him.

In August 2021, Fox posted a tweet that read “Get kneeling, ****ers” in response to the arrest of black footballer Benjamin Mendy on charges of rape and sexual assault.

Twitter removed the tweet, and his account was temporarily locked for violating the platform’s rules against “hateful conduct.”

While Fox has made several statements that strongly suggest racism, he has not acknowledged or admitted to being racist in any way.

Laurence Fox: What Did He Say? Controversy Explained

On October 4, 2023, numerous news outlets covered Fox’s arrest by the police.

He was taken into custody on suspicion of plotting to damage Ulez cameras and inciting or aiding others in committing related offences.

In an interview on Rumble the day before, he openly expressed his support for an Ulez vigilante group, stating, “I endorse their efforts to dismantle every camera in existence, and I intend to participate in their actions. I have close connections with several members, and I will be on-site with my angle grinder.”

Laurence Fox racist
                                            Laurence is an actor, musician, broadcaster, and activist (Source: Instagram)

On Wednesday morning, a video was posted by Fox’s Reclaim Party on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Also, the video depicted him sitting on his living room sofa while several individuals dressed as police officers, wearing protective plastic gloves, were present around him.

In the video, Fox remarked, “Observe the number of police officers in my house; see them coming to confiscate everything, taking everything from my home. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the state of our country.” He then gave a thumbs-up to the camera.

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