BYU: Gideon George Wife: Who Is Jessica George? Relationship Timeline And Kids

Gideon George Wife

Gideon George Wife is Jessica George. They are a newly married but very happy couple. To find out more about them, read the article below.

Gideon George is a young and enthusiastic basketball player who, as of now, plays for the BYC in the senior division.

George currently has been eligible for the NBA draft in 2023. Reports show he has appeared in 60 games and 27 starts for BYC.

In a game against Northern low, he played magnificently and scored 27 big points for BYC in the second round of the NIT.

Also, in a game opposed to the Panthers, Gideon scored five 3-pointers, the second most 3-pointers scored in an NIT game in the program history.

Before BYC, George had played at New Mexico Junior College, averaging 3.0 offensive rebounds per game as a second-year University student. 

He had also contributed to setting a record of 23-9 overall and 12-4 in WJCAC play for New Mexico Junior College.

He had made an impressive entry in 2018-19, where he averaged 10.9 points, 8.2 rebounds, 1.7 blocks, and 1.1 steals, also maintaining 59.9 percent shooting from the field as a freshman.

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Gideon George Wife: Who Is Jessica George?

Jessica George is the beautiful and gorgeous wife of Gideon. As to some reports, they dated for a long time and finally got married.

According to the posts on Twitter, the adorable couple exchanged their vows on 22nd December 2022.

Gideon George Wife
Jessica posted her picture on Instagram of her being in Provo, Utah. (Source: Instagram)

The post also states that the marriage was officiated by the Director of BYU Basketball ops Bobby Horodysi.

@JUCOadvocate states on Twitter, “Was so fortunate to get to be with @GideonOmohkudu and his wonderful wife for their wedding last night! What an incredible journey for him so far, and now they take the next steps together!”

According to Jessica’s Instagram posts, it is seen that she likes traveling a lot, hanging out with her friends and family, and going on a vacation with them.

Gideon George And Jessica George Relationship Timeline

Currently, no exact date of when the Georges started seeing each other is unavailable.
But, still, by reviewing Jessica’s Instagram posts, it can be said that the couple has a very deep and intimate love for each other.
Gideon George Wife
Gideon and Jessica posted pictures of their wedding day. (Source: Instagram)
Jessica has an Instagram account named jessjpgeorge, where we can see the couples hanging out.
They have also been seen celebrating their first valentines by watching an NBA game. 
Usually, they also play basketball together, and while Gideon is practicing, she is seen cheering him.

Gideon Geroge Kids

As if now, the newly married couple has not become parents to any children. Still, Gideon, Jessica, and their family have looked to serve many underprivileged childrens with a new foundation, and it is named georgehelpinghands.

Where primarily, they serve sneakers to needy people. But now, gradually, they are building basketball courts and repairing some schools in Nigeria (George’s hometown).

Gideon George Wife
Kids in Minna thanking georglehelpnghands foundation. (Source: georgehelpinghands)

The initial motto of the organization as of now is to serve underprivileged communities with heart and might to succeed.

Gideon is the middle child of five siblings. His mother worked as a seamstress, who used to make uniforms for local school children, and his Father was a retired policeman.

The George family grew up in Minna, Nigeria. Gideon and his brother Samson had been fond of basketball since their childhood, but they couldn’t afford basketball shoes. 

Since the cost of a pair of basketball shoes was almost equal to one month’s salary of their parents.

Still, in today’s date, there are few underprivileged children in Minna. So, the George family started the initiative with a vision of providing them with an opportunity where Jessica also gets involved frequently.

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