TikTok Star Amanda Carravallah Arrested For DUI, Case Details Age And Wikipedia Bio

Amanda Carravallah Arrested

Tiktok fans are willing to know about the news that is Amanda Carravallah Arrested. She is the viral face on the social media platform TikTok. She was arrested on a DUI case in 2021.

Amanda Carravallah is a well-known activist and Tiktok star, and she has garnered a large following on the platform TikTok.

Since posting videos on TikTok, she has attracted a lot of attention, some of which have been positive and some negative.

Although many people have seen Amanda Carravallah’s TikToks on a variety of topics, the controversy she caused about Roe v. Wade is the one that has received the most attention.

Amanda protested a landmark case and displayed signs in her yard with vulgar language while playing loud music, which led to Police attention. 


Even though Amanda is well-known and famous, she has not been able to avoid controversy.

She made headlines recently after being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, which led to the media’s attention.

Amanda Carravallah Arrested For DUI

The news about Amanda’s latest misadventure shook the internet, leaving people in shock and disbelief.

Once again, the TikTok star found herself in the spotlight, but this time, for all the wrong reasons. The video of her getting arrested while under the influence of alcohol went viral, and it was not a pretty sight.

In July 2021, Amanda was caught drunk driving in Livonia, Mich. The Police bodycam footage showed her asleep at a traffic light.

The officers had to wake her and demand that she turn off the car and unlock the door. It was evident from the video that Amanda was in no state to operate a vehicle.

Amanda Carravallah Arrested
Amanda Carravallah Drunk-Driving Arrest Footage Source: Youtube)

The officers had to physically remove her from the car and take her to a nearby parking lot for a sobriety test, which she refused.

Amanda was charged with driving under the influence, hitting a cop car, and refusing a sobriety test.

When asked about her drinking, Amanda replied, “I had 3 o’clock to drink tonight,” which only added to the severity of the situation.

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Amanda Carravallah Case Details

As per the court documents, Amanda’s behavior during her arrest was contentious.

During the 30-minute clip of her custody, she made a lot of rude comments to the Police who were arresting her, which made the situation even worse.

Repeatedly, she called for a lawyer, indicating her desperation and frustration with the arrest.

Unfortunately, the scenario worsened when she blew herself up in the car’s backseat as they went to the hospital for a blood test.

As a result of her behavior, Amanda was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and driving while visually impaired.

Her bail was set at $1,000, indicating the seriousness of the charges against her.

She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months of community service.

Amanda Carravallah Age And Wikipedia Bio

Amanda, a Livonia, Michigan resident, gained renown as a viral TikToker.

Despite her popularity, Amanda has kept her personal life private. She has not revealed any information about her age, family history, or educational background.

Amanda Carravallah
Amanda Carravallah (Source: Hometownlife)

Even though her age is unknown, it is assumed that she is over 35 years old based on her appearance.

Following her arrest, Amanda faced severe backlash on social media. The public criticism was intense, causing her to deactivate all her social media accounts.

Currently, she doesn’t have a TikTok or an Instagram account. She is not active on any social media.

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