Is Alek Manoah Gay Or Straight? Partner Sexuality And Family

Alek Manoah

Fans are showing curiosity about the sexual orientation of the professional baseball pitcher. They are searching for answers to questions like “Is Alek Manoah Gay?” on the internet. To discover more about his partner and family, continue reading.

Alek Isaac Manoah is an American professional baseball pitcher who made his MLB debut on May 27, 2021, with the Vancouver Canadians of the Class A-Short Season Northwest League.

He had an impressive start to his career, with a 2.65 ERA and 27 strikeouts over 17 innings. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Manoah did not play any minor league games in 2020.

In 2021, the athlete was assigned to the Buffalo Bisons of the Triple-A East and made his first MLB start against the New York Yankees. He recorded his first MLB strikeout against Yankees infielder Rougned Odor.

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Is Alek Manoah Gay or Straight?

There have been speculations and discussions surrounding Alek Manoah’s sexual orientation, with rumors questioning whether he is gay or straight.

However, it is important to clarify that these rumors are unfounded and lack any factual basis.

The professional baseball player is straight and has been in a committed relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Marielena Somoza.

Their relationship has been publicly acknowledged, and they have been seen together at various events and occasions.

Alek Manoah Gay
Alek Manoah has started his Major League Baseball career at a record-setting pace. (Source: GOLD AND BLUE NATION)

We should always respect a person’s privacy and not make assumptions or spread rumors about their sexual orientation.

It’s not right to speculate about someone’s personal life without any real evidence. Doing that can be hurtful and reinforce stereotypes.

So, in the baseball player’s case, we can be sure that he is straight and in a committed relationship with his girlfriend.

It’s more important to focus on his achievements in baseball than spread gossip without any proof.

Alek Manoah Partner and Sexuality

As mentioned previously, Manoah is in a committed relationship with Marielena Somoza, his longtime girlfriend.

The couple got engaged during a New Year’s Eve party in January 2023, making their relationship official on Instagram the following day.

The couple both participated in varsity athletics at the West Virginia Mountaineers, with Somoza excelling in women’s volleyball and showcasing his baseball skills.

Somoza, originally from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, played volleyball for the West Virginia Mountaineers for several seasons.

On the other hand, Isaac, who was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the first round of the 2019 MLB Draft, spent one season with the university’s baseball team.

Alek Manoah Partner
Alek Manoah, girlfriend takes fans behind the scenes during epic All-Star Game debut (Source: NEW YORK POST)

Confirming the sportsman’s engagement with Somoza further solidifies his heterosexual orientation.

Their public declaration of love and commitment on social media demonstrates their joy and commitment to each other.

The rumors suggesting that the baseball player is gay are not true and have no evidence to support them. We should not believe or give importance to these rumors.

We need to respect people’s privacy and personal decisions, including their sexual orientation and relationships. 

Instead of spreading baseless rumors, we should focus on respecting individuals and their choices.

Alek Manoah Family

Alek Manoah comes from a small and close-knit family. His parents are Susana Lluch and Erick Manoah Sr. He has five siblings, including two biological siblings and three step-siblings.

His older sister, Jacqueline Patricia Manoah (Jackie), is the oldest among the siblings.

He also has a stepsister named Neyana Lluch, who is a nurse with a passion for baking. Neyana shares her delicious baked goods on her special Instagram account, where she even sells them.

Alek’s older brother, Erik Manoah Jr., shares his love for baseball.

Alek Manoah and his mother
Alek’s mom, Susana, threw out the ceremonial first pitch in May 2023. (Source: Twitter)

Erik was drafted by the New York Mets in the 13th round of the 2014 MLB Draft but was released in 2019. Currently, Erik plays as a pitcher for the minor league teams of the Minnesota Twins.

He also owns a fitness and recreation center called “ManoahMade” in Miami, Florida. Erik Jr. is married to Natalie Orantes, a nutritionist who helps athletes with their diets and manages ManoahMade.

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