Brian Moynihan Wife: Meet Susan Berry Married Life And Age Gap

Brian Moynihan wife

Brian Thomas Moynihan is a prominent figure in the finance industry. Who is Brian Moynihan wife, Susan Berry? Find out more in this article.

He hails from the United States and has built a successful career as an investment banker and businessman.

Currently, he holds the positions of chairman and CEO at Bank of America, one of the largest banking institutions in the country.

Moynihan’s journey within the company began when he was appointed as its president and CEO in 2010, which subsequently led to his inclusion on the board of directors.

He received the prestigious accolade of being named Chief Executive Magazine’s 2020 CEO of the Year in July 2020.

He currently resides in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and maintains a regular commute between Boston and Bank of America’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In 2012, among other CEOs, Moynihan came under significant scrutiny and criticism from Bernie Sanders in a report titled “Top Corporate Tax Dodgers.”

The report highlighted that Bank of America, under Moynihan’s leadership, paid no federal income tax in 2010, despite earning profits of $4.4 billion.

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Brian Moynihan Wife Susan Berry

Online users are wondering about Brian Moynihan wife, Susan Berry. So here is a detailed information for viewers to know.

Brian and his wife Susan prefer to maintain a high level of privacy when it comes to their personal lives, so there is limited information available about their relationship.

It is known that they first crossed paths during their time at Brown University and eventually entered into a marital union.

Brian Moynihan wife
Brian Moynihan(left) ignored Jamie Dimon’s (right) suggestion about a potential “hurricane.” (Source: New York Post)

Beyond these basic facts, the couple has managed to keep the details of their relationship largely undisclosed.

Their commitment to privacy has allowed them to shield their personal lives from public inspection and maintain the sense of privacy that they have.

Regarding Brian Moynihan wife, it’s important to respect their privacy, as they have chosen to keep their personal lives out of the public eye.

As a result, there may not be extensive information readily available about their relationship.

It is common for public figures, especially those in prominent positions, to maintain a level of privacy surrounding their personal lives.

Brian Moynihan married life and age gap

There isn’t much information on Moynihan’s marriage to Berry, as he prefers to keep his personal life out of the media.

Their relationship is believed to be grounded in a strong connection, reflecting their shared journey through life.

Even though the specifics of their married life remain undisclosed, it is reasonable to assume that they have continued to foster a deep bond.

Unfortunately, there is no publicly available information regarding the couple’s age gap regarding this matter.


Brian Moynihan wife
Brian Moynihan and Susan is married for several years (Source: TIME)

As private individuals, Brian and Susan have successfully kept personal details, including their ages and other aspects of their relationship, out of the public domain.

This further emphasizes their commitment to privacy and their desire to separate their personal and public lives.

Brian, a prominent figure in the finance industry, remains married to his wife, Susan Berry.

There is no information available to suggest that they have ever been divorced. Susan’s marital history prior to her relationship with Brian is not publicly known.

It is unclear whether she was previously married or not before meeting Brian, who currently holds the position of CEO at Bank of America.

As private individuals, the couple has managed to keep details about their personal lives, including their relationship histories, out of the public eye.


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