Michael Atkinson Wife: Outback Mike Married Life And Kids

Michael Atkinson Wife

Who is Michael Atkinson wife, Melinda? Fans admire the man’s talent for identifying potential survival skills. Let’s find out about his married life, family, and kids.

Michael Atkinson, also known as the “Outback Mike,” is an Australian Internet personality, adventurer, filmmaker, survivalist, and former military personnel.

Born on August 22, 1976, Atkinson gained widespread recognition for appearing on the reality show Alone Australia.

He showcased his impressive survival skills in challenging wilderness environments. The hit survival TV show airs on SBS Australia. 

With a passion for filmmaking and adventure, Mike is well-regarded as a professional survivalist, teaching survival skills.

He spent most of his career as a pilot serving the Australian Defence Force, flying helicopters, fast jets, and big jets.

Likewise, he taught survival skills to pilots and NORFORCE members. The members are a predominately Aboriginal unit that patrols northern Australia.

Moreover, he showcased his skills to test outside the military on several global expeditions. 

He is married and has two children. Besides the expedition surrounding his adventures, he remains a popular figure on social media.

He launched a website, Outbackmike.com, to influence the online audience. 

Also, he has recently released a book, sharing his latest solo survival journey up the Great Barrier Reef in a dugout canoe. Likewise, he plans to release a feature film showing the journey soon. 

However, working in television, mainly among a niche audience, may not boost his star power, so he isn’t a notable celebrity worldwide.

Fortunately, the survivalist isn’t much invested in the glamorous limelight. Let’s learn more about Michael Atkinson’s wife and married life.

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Meet Michael Atkinson Wife Melinda

Michael Atkinson’s wife, Melinda, is a lovely homemaker. The happily married pair is enjoying their companionship fruitfully.

The six feet 1 inches tall survival instructor impresses audiences with his excellent survival skills. It might be an exciting fact for his supporters as the adventurer is taken.

Michael Atkinson and his wife, Melinda, tied the knot in a low-key wedding ceremony. Only their respective families and close friends attended their nuptial.

Michael Atkinson Wife
Michael Atkinson’s wife: The explorer rarely reveals his personal life. (Source: YouTube)

Riyadh-based adventurer is part of a sweet family. Perhaps, he is a responsible husband. However, he has remained tight-lipped regarding his married life.

Although the man hasn’t enjoyed a secret life, he likes his audience to recognize his work. Perhaps, he keeps his family details under wraps.

Regarding his work, he has said:

I was lucky enough to become a snow survival instructor in the military.

These skills helped me during my Iceland expedition. Also, I would like test survival theories in extreme environments like here in Antarctica. 

People also check out his survival expeditions on YouTube, where he has posted several journies to the extreme environment, including ski solo across Iceland.

A little is found about Michael Atkinson’s wife, Melinda, who hails from Caucasian ethnicity. Also, his wife is a constant supporter of her husband.

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Mike Atkinson Wife Melinda Shares Two Kids

Michael Atkinson, aka Outback Mike and his wife, Melinda, are parents to two kids, aged 8 and 10. The couple is raising their children flourishingly.

The 47 years, old retired military pilot has been enjoying their conjugal life with his wife privately.

While he shares glimpses of his family life on social media, he chooses to keep the identity of his wife out of the public eye.

Michael Atkinson Wife
Michael Atkinson’s wife and married life are a mystery to the mainstream media. Instead, he shares serving alone on YouTube. (Source: YouTube)

These young teenage kids hold a special place in Michael’s life, and he cherishes spending time with them.

While details about his married life are not publicly known, it is evident that the man loves being a loving and involved father.

Canberra native Mike teaches his daughters survival skills and survival in the extreme environment through his book.

This display of family bonding showcases Mike’s commitment to passing on his knowledge and passion for nature to the next generation.

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