Brandon Bolden Brother And Sister: How Many Siblings?

Brandon Bolden Brother

Who are Brandon Bolden brother and sister, and how many siblings does the  American football running back have? Find out below.

A prominent American football figure, Brandon Bolden commands the field as the running back for the Las Vegas Raiders in the NFL.

His journey through football began at Ole Miss, marking a path of dedication and resilience.

Undrafted in 2012, his remarkable talent led him to the New England Patriots, where he spent nine seasons, contributing significantly as a special teams player and securing two Super Bowl victories.

A brief stint with the Miami Dolphins in 2018 added to the athlete’s diverse experience before returning to the Patriots.

In 2022, Bolden embraced a new chapter, joining the Raiders and continuing his impactful career in professional football.

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Brandon Bolden Brother and Sister: How Many Siblings?

Brandon Bolden, the NFL running back for the Las Vegas Raiders, shares a close bond with his younger brother, Braylen Bolden.

Despite a decade between them, Braylen admires the American football running back’s accomplishments, drawing inspiration from his work ethic.

Excelling at Madison Prep Academy, Braylen acknowledges his brother’s influence, carving his path in football, particularly as a versatile cornerback.

Brandon Bolden Brother
Brandon Bolden, holding his son, Brycen, and brother, Braylen Bolden, celebrated the Super Bowl win over the Seahawks. (Source: The Advocate)

The brothers compete, with Braylen following the American footballer’s success blueprint while forging his unique journey in the sport.

Their relationship is characterized by mutual respect, support, and shared aspirations in football.

Though specifics about Braylen’s current pursuits may be scarce, the camaraderie between the Bolden brothers underlines their tight-knit connection.

Brandon Bolden Parents: Michael and Marva Bolden

Michael and Marva Bolden, Brandon Bolden’s parents, lead private lives, often staying out of the public eye.

While Marva occasionally appears on the American football running back’s social media, Michael maintains a lower profile.

His heartfelt Instagram posts on his 32nd birthday portrayed the strong bond he shares with his mother, shedding light on their close relationship.

However, information regarding his father remains limited.

Amid personal challenges, Bolden exhibited exceptional strength when confronted with epidermoid carcinoma, a skin cancer diagnosis following Super Bowl LII in 2018.

Brandon Bolden Brother
A childhood picture of Brandon Bolden with his mother, Marva Bolden. (Source: Instagram)

Enduring temporary facial paralysis, he underwent successful surgery and emerged victorious, triumphing over the adversities of the illness.

His resilience extends beyond the football field, serving as a testament to his inner fortitude.

The Bolden family’s solidarity and unwavering support have been crucial in the running back’s life.

Additionally, his family boasts a significant football legacy through his grandfather, Frank Pitts.

Pitts, a former wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders, played in Super Bowls I and IV.

Brandon changed his jersey number from 38 to 25 in 2021 as a heartfelt gesture to honor his grandfather’s legacy.

Brandon Bolden’s Wife and Children

The narrative of Brandon Bolden’s family stands as proof of lasting affection and development.

His journey with his wife, Arianna, began in their high school years at Scotlandville Magnet High School in 2008.

Their bond blossomed into a beautiful marriage in June 2014. Together, they embrace parenthood with immense joy, blessed with three wonderful children.

Brycen, their eldest, entered the world in May 2011, followed by Axelle-Masai in March 2017, and their youngest, Aviana, born in February 2019.

Recently, the Bolden family welcomed another addition, celebrating the birth of their daughter, Aviana, in February.

Brandon Bolden Brother
Brandon Bolden is pictured alongside his wife and kids. (Source: infoseemedia)

The American football running back values and cherishes the role of a strong mother, recognizing the significance of occasions like Mother’s Day for his family.

His dedication to Arianna transcends the ordinary.

He orchestrated a heartfelt surprise proposal with the help of their son, Brycen, acknowledging the profound impact Arianna has had on their lives.

Bolden exemplifies a commitment to love, unity, and creating cherished memories with his beloved wife and adoring children.

This commitment shines brightly through their growing family and the milestones they share.

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