Meyers Leonard Son: Who Is Liam Leonard? Wife And Family Background

Meyers Leonard Son

Meyers Leonard Son name is Liam Leonard. Meyers is an American professional basketball player who plays Center for the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA.

In high school, he was named a 2010 Illinois All-State Team member, which the Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and News-Gazette selected.

Leonard has also played for the Portland Trail  Blazers and the Miami Heat. The Milwaukee Bucks Roster faced a controversy when he used an anti-jewish word while playing Call of Duty: Warzone in his Twitch stream.

Meet Meyers Leonard Wife – Elle Biefedt

The 31-year-old American basketball player is married to the beautiful  Elle Bielfedt. They started to date when they were only 19 years old, which shows that they have been on each other side for a long time. She has also seen through Leonard’s basketball career from the side and also helped him face his controversy.

Leonard faced a career-ending controversy when he said an anti-jewish slur, ‘kike’, in his Twitch stream while playing Call Of Duty: Warzone. After this, he got nasty and hateful comments from people saying he was a racist. The e-sports organization also cut their relationship with him later that day, though he remained an investor.

Meyers Leonard Son
Meyers Leonard With his WIfe Elle. ( Source: Instagram)

He was also banned from the NBA in 2020, but after his apology, he returned and signed a ten days contract with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Meyers is not the only basketball player in the house. His wife Elle was also a former basketball player, not professional, though, who played for the Peoria Notre Dame girl’s basketball team. She is now a successful entrepreneur and owns Level Foods(a business that focuses on protein bars). 

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Meyers Leonard Son- Liam Leonard

Meyers became a proud parent on June 7, 2022, when he welcomed his son Liam Leonard. The baby is one year old today, and the couples are very excited to have the child.

The birth of a child is an extraordinary moment for the parents, and the Leonards have also been sharing their happiness with the world by posting photos on their Instagram.

Meyers Leonard Son
Meyers Leonard With his family. (Source; Instagram)

It is seen in those photos that baby Liam is very healthy and happy as the couple is taking extra care of their child, making sure that he gets all the necessary love and care so that he grows up and becomes an excellent person like his parents.

Finally, the couple is thrilled to welcome baby Liam home, and by looking at their photos on Instagram, they seem to enjoy every moment of parenthood.

Meyers Leonard Family Background

Meyers is the son of Jim and Tracie Leonard. Jim was also a professional athlete like his son, but he played golf. The American basketball player did not have the greatest of childhood.

When Meyers was just six years old, his father was sadly killed in a  bicycle accident. His mother, who was also an athlete and could run 10 miles daily, had been housebound after his father’s death. She also had an old horseback injury and subsequent disc surgery that left her crippling pain.

Meyers Leonard Son
Meyers Leonard playing for Milwaukee Bucks. ( Source: Instagram)

Leonard gained a surrogate family when he was in grade 2. Brian Siler, an insurance agent, knew about his family situation and later became his father and even a father figure to him.

The Basketball player also had two elder brothers. Bailey Leonard was a former U.S. Marine who had served in Afghanistan. Christian Juracich was his other elder brother, who sadly passed away in 2020

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