Meditation Teacher: Sally Kempton Obituary Death Cause And Family

Sally Kempton Obituary

People are shocked to learn the news about Sally Kempton obituary and death. Sally was a spiritual trainer and yoga meditation teacher.

Sally Kempton was a meditation teacher and yoga philosopher.

She dedicated herself to serving an ancient Vedic order of monks as a swami for twenty years.

Kempton underwent a profound education in the principles of Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta, enriching her knowledge and understanding.

Additionally, she received her education under the guidance and mentorship of the enlightened Swami Muktananda.

The meditation teacher is also the author of “Awakening Shakti” and “Meditation for the Love of It.”

Additionally, she is a former journalist known for writing Esquire, New York, and the Village Voice.

Hence, the sudden passing of Sally has saddened her followers and loved ones.

And, they want to know Sally Kempton obituary update to pay her tribute and condolences.

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Meditation Teacher Sally Kempton Obituary details

The passing of the meditation guru, Sally Kempton, on July 10, 2023, has left the spiritual community in a state of mourning.

She was renowned for her profound spiritual insights, compassionate guidance, and transformative teachings.

Similarly, the spiritual teacher garnered widespread recognition for positively impacting the lives of numerous individuals across the globe.

Furthermore, her distinctive fusion of Eastern wisdom and Western insight deeply resonated with people who sought to incorporate spirituality into their everyday lives.

Sally Kempton Obituary
Sally Kempton obituary details are yet to disclose. (Source: Instagram)

Although every details of Sally Kempton obituary are yet to be disclosed, her family and friends are determined to update her followers and students if any new information emerges.

They have shared the news of her demise via her social media, saying, “This is to share with you the sad news that Sally left her body this morning on Monday, July 10, 2023.”

Furthermore, they added, “It was Sally’s wish that a special service be held in her memory for her community of students.”

Hence, it is known that they will honor her request and hold a 13-day ceremony for Sally via Zoom on July 23, 2023.

Meditation Teacher Sally Kempton Death Cause explained

People are expressing their tribute and condolences to the meditation teacher Sally Kempton, both online and offline.

Although, the exact cause of Kempton’s death is unknown to the public, some resources have expressed that she was suffering from chronic illness.

Despite her challenges, the meditation guru persevered with unwavering determination, consistently sharing her wisdom until her departure.

Sally Kempton Obituary
Sally Kempton death cause is unknown as of now. (Source: Instagram)

Hence, many will miss her, as her wisdom and insights have profoundly impacted many lives and touched many souls.

Although her family has shared a little bit of Sally Kempton obituary details, her death’s cause is still unknown as of now.

Sally Kempton family explored

Sally Kempton’s family is mourning the loss of their beloved family member.

As they have shared the news of her demise, her family is in a state of grief and wants privacy at this time.

Although, her family has never been on the media radar as the spiritual trainer didn’t feel the need to disclose her personal life online.

Sally Kempton Obituary
The spiritual teacher Sally Kempton has touched the lives of many people. (Source: Instagram)

However, Sally’s family has remained by her side throughout her journey of dedicating her life to sharing wisdom and facilitating the discovery of inner peace.

Therefore, her departure has left a deep void in their lives.

However, they take comfort in knowing that her teachings will continue to serve as a source of guidance for countless individuals embarking on their spiritual journeys.

And besides her own family, she had a huge family and community of her own, which she created during her spiritual journey.

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