Who Is Billy Quarantillo Wife Brianna? Age Gap Married Life And Kids

Learn About Billy Quarantillo wife and kids (Source: MMA Junkie)

People are excited to learn about Billy Quarantillo Wife. Be with us as we unveil their age gap, married life, and kids. 

UFC fans might be familiar with MMA fighter Billy Quarantillo. Talented American pro-fighter Billy Quarantillo shot to fame for competing in the lightweight and Featherweight divisions in UFC. 

He came from Ransomville, New York, and was born on 8 December 1988. He was nicknamed Channing Wahlberg for his savage reply to his questionnaire.

Billy plays the Orthodox stance and has a TD average of 1.55. He began his career in 2013 after having a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Matt Arroyo. 

Eventually, the pro mixed martial artist became King of the Cage Lightweight Champion.  

In 2015, he competed in UFC: Team McGregor vs. Team Faber, going against Brandon Ricetti in the preliminary fights. Quarantillo won the match, TKO, in the second round. 

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Meet Billy Quarantillo Wife: Know Their Age Gap

Former American UFC featherweight champion Billy Quarantillo is married to Brianna. Billy and his wife Brianna have publicly announced their romantic affair.

Speaking of their age gap, Billy was born on 8 December 1988, making him 34 years old as of 2024. However, his wife Brianna’s age is not revealed. 

Glancing at their pictures, the lovely duo seems to have a little age gap. As Billy is in his mid-30s, his wife Brianna seems to be in her early 30s.

Billy Quarantillo wife and kids
UFC star Billy Quarantillo celebrates holidays with his wife and kids. (Source: Instagram)

The two welcomed a cute baby in 2022. However, Billy kept his dating life hidden from the public’s eye before. The man’s relationship history is still a mystery. 

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Billy Quarantillo Married Life And Kids

Regarding Quarantillo’s married life, he is enjoying his family life. The man seems happy and even took a break from fights for over a year to give time to his family.

Billy and his wife Brianna welcomed their first child William in 2022. The fighter’s cute baby boy motivated him to win more championship titles. He said:

“Now, I’m living a whole different life after marriage. Having a child changed it even more, in a good way of course. All I do now is for my lovely boy. I’ll provide him with one. Now, I am more motivated to wake up early and train all day. All things I do is for him now.”

Quarantillo proudly announced that his newborn son motivated him to win the UFC championship. The man recently beat Alexander Hernandez and said he had a completely new outlook on his life after marriage and becoming a Father. 

Billy Quarantillo Ethnicity And Family Background

People want to learn about UFC Fighter Billy Quarantillo’s ethnicity and religion. 

SurpriseSports article suggests that the former featherweight cage champion is of the Italian-American race. 

Billy Quarantillo family
Billy Quarantillo holds American nationality. (Source: YouTube)

Billy has a common Italian last name so he could be associated with Italian ancestry. 

Unfortunately, the MMA fighter hasn’t answered questions regarding his faith, but seeing him celebrate holidays and Christmas seems he is Christian.

Perhaps, Quarantillo doesn’t want to invest his time in revealing his faith publicly. Instead, he focuses more on his professional career. 

Speaking of the UFC fighter’s family background, Billy Quarantillo’s family lived in Ransomville, New York. Unfortunately, no public information regarding his family origins and whereabouts is available.

While many people might find Quarantillo’s ethnicity and family topic interesting, what matters most is his dedication to further craft his career.

Despite the challenges, he succeeded and remained dedicated to his fighting career on and off the ring. 

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