Where Is Samantha Stobbart Now – Alive Or Dead? Injuries Health Update And Age

Samantha Stobbart Now

“Where Is Samantha Stobbart Now” is a question that remains unanswered and unknown to the public after her ex-boyfriend, Raoul Moat shot and injured her in 2010.

Samantha Stobbart is a British woman who gained the attention of the public in the UK after the incident.

She was in a relationship with Raoul Moat but broke up with him before the shooting, she had to face a lot of criticism from the public due to her connection with her ex-boyfriend.

Due to this, Stobbart has most of the time stayed out of the public eye.

She spoke about how the incident had left a traumatic impact on her life and also campaigned for the people who had to face domestic violence like her.

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Where Is Samantha Stobbart Now – Alive Or Dead?

Samantha Stobbart is a 39 years old British woman who was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Raoul Moat, who is still alive.

She was 22 years old at the time of the incident when this happened.

After her breakup with Moat, she found a new partner, Chris Brown who was with her during that time when the attack happened.

She was shot in the stomach which led to a lot of bleeding. She was taken to the nearby hospital where she had to undergo several surgeries to save her life.

Samantha Stobbart Now
Samantha Stobbart with her former boyfriend, Raoul Moat (Source: The Mirror)

Even if she recovered from her injuries, this incident left a deep impact on her life that left her with physical and emotional scars.

After the incident, Raoul went and hid himself to not be caught, but was eventually found by the police.

He didn’t want to face the punishment due to his actions, so he chose the easy way out and took his own life.

Since that day, Stobbart has tried to move on with her life, but the events from the day still continue to haunt her till date.

Samantha Stobbart: Injuries And Health Update

Samantha Stobbart was shot multiple times on her abdomen and legs by her former partner who was recently released from prison.

He was seeking revenge on Stobbart and her new partner, Chris Brown.

The incident required her to do a many surgeries which lead her to stay at the hospital for a long period of time.

She had to suffer emotionally from the trauma which also included the loss of her boyfriend and also feared that Moat will try to target her again.

Samantha Stobbart Now
Samantha Stobbart tells the media after her condition (Source: Daily Mail)

Since the incident she kept a low profile, so there is limited information about her health condition.

It has not been mentioned whether her injuries were long-term or not, but it is known that she had received counseling to help her deal with it post-trauma.

We can only hope that she has recovered from her injuries and is leading a healthy life.

what Is the Age Of Samantha Stobbart?

Based on the information gathered from the internet, it is known that Samantha Stobbart is 39 years old as of 2024

Samantha was known to the public due to the events that happened in her life in the year 2010.

While her name and story are widely known by the media, her personal information which includes her age, address, family, etc is kept private to protect her privacy and safety.

Samantha Stobbart Now
Samantha Stobbart post her surgeries at her home (Source: The Mirror)

We should remember that everyone has the right to privacy and it is important that we respect it.

It is important that we should not share information without the person’s permission.

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