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One of the most famous and richest at the same time, adult movie actress Asa Akira’s net worth is $3 Million.

Asa Akira, originally Asa Takagami, was born on 2nd January 1986 in Manhattan, New York.

She was the only child who was a Japanese immigrant. Her father, Kenji Takagami, was a successful photographer, and her mother was a business executive.

Her grandfather was a diplomat for forty-five years. Queen Asa Akira is one of the most successful adult film stars in the industry.

Well-known for her blazing star showcase and dirty web clips, Asa continues to receive a wealth of industry praise.

Such as being inducted into the Urban X awards hall of fame in 2017.

Early Life

Asa lived in Japan from age six to eleven as her family moved there.

After returning to the states, she attended a public school Washington Irving School in New York City, because she was expelled from United Nations International School due to poor grades.

Asa Akira Early Days
Asa Akira Early Days

To earn for herself, Akira started a job as a stripper at Hustler Club in New York. When she was 20, she started he career as an adult actress only by doing girl-on-girl scenes but eventually, she made her way to more diverse roles.

She was referred to as “Show Whore” in the “Bubby the Love Sponge.” Asa married fellow adult star Toni Ribas in 2012 but got divorced in 2017.

She announced her divorce in her podcast. Akira has won 32 awards out of 82 nominations during her adult career.

Her first-ever sexual experience when she was age 11, when she was molested on a train by a stranger.

Although she found this experience traumatizing, she would recreate this type of video as an adult later in her career.

Quick facts

Born Name Asa Takagami
Nickname Akira
Date of Birth 2nd January 1986
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Age 37 years old
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Manhattan, New York, United States
Profession Adult Star, Model
Net Worth $3 Million
Body Measurements 36-22-31
Social Media Instagram
Dress size 2 (US)
Shoe Size 5.5
Weight 106 pounds
Hair color Black
Hair type Straight
Distinct feature Eye color (Brown)
Last Update December, 2023

Asa Akira Net Worth and Income

Akira is a Japanese-American porn star with a net worth of $3 Million. However, she always knew what she wanted to do.

She is grateful for the adult movie industry because it has made her dream come true.

Akira was aware from an early age that she was more sexually active than other girls.

She watched her first softcore movie in third grade at a sleepover in her friend’s house.

She started an internship for the high-fashion magazine V as a coffee fetcher and a photocopier.

But it was not for her. Education was not her priority either, and she kept putting college off year after year.

She was pretty open to sexual behavior and got her first gig as a dominatrix working in New York City.

She also got married at a young age, and the man she was with was not just okay with it but encouraged it.

In her former job as a dominatrix, she was paid $600, but when she changed her profession to stripper/escort, she earned $6,000 per night.

Other sources of income

She has made a fortune for herself doing porn movies.

Besides starring in porn movies, she directs them as well. In addition, she has signed a contract with wicked pictures, which is another way to stay relevant and cash-rich in the adult movie business.

According to research, the average porn actress is paid $300 to $1,500 per movie, and the director gets right around $1,000 to $3,000.

With that data, we can calculate how much she has earned just by starring in porn movies, let alone direct.

Asa Akira is known to be the motivation behind the world’s most expensive sex doll.

Abyss creations have released a super lifelike Asa Akira sex doll complete with all the features like a natural for the massive amount of $5,749.

Her other sources of income include Fleshlight and her official websites.

Now considered to be one of the richest porn actresses in the world, however, before making a name for herself in the industry, Asa had her good days and bad days, which hardly few people know about. And let’s say some of them are really painful.

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Asa Akira House, Cars & Yacht & watches

The specifications of the house are not available. But as seen in her official Instagram photos, we can say that the house where she lives is lavish and full of modern amenities. With a net worth of 3 Million dollars, she can have any place she wants. As seen in her posts, we can say that her three leveled house has a beautifully organized home office, walls filled with art collections, a terrace with sunlounger and couches. In addition, she has a pet dog named Jaga.


Asa Akira donated her entire month’s income from Pornhub to the organizations that heps with proving food elderly and needy people during the lockdown.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications

Akira has played more than 500 adult movies in her career as an actress. She has starred in adult movies and has appeared in multiple mainstream Hollywood movies and television shows in the course of her career, such as Starlet, Family Guy.

Asa Akira has done well in the adult movie industry as an actress and a director. But it is not the only way that she earns for herself. She has multiple endorsement deals which bring thousands of dollars to her bank accounts.

First of all, she is a first-ever brand ambassador for Pornhub, an adult movie streaming site that receives more than 170 million visits per day. In addition, Asa hosted the online reality TV series The Sex Factor, which features stars such as Lexi Belle, Tori Black.

Akira has participated in multiple fashion shows representing a brand. The pornhub ambassador ramp walked for Berlin-based brand Namilia in a black bodysuit. In February 2020, she walked The New York Fashion Week runway, showcasing the traditional Japanese garment.

Asa Akira on Runway of New York Fashion Week
Asa Akira on Runway of New York Fashion Week

In 2020 she was also featured by the People’s magazine for the Herotica fashion campaign.


Adult film star Asa Akira has written some of the best-selling books over the years. Insatiable: Porn –A Love Story, Dirty Thirty: A Memoir, Asarotica are some of the books authored by the star. As seen from the title, most of her books have porn or adult theme. But you know what they say, don’t judge a book by its cover or, in this case, by its title.


She is the most famous and richest Asian-American adult movie actress in the industry of porn. In addition, Asa is a star and adult movie director. She has been in the porn industry for a long time and has played more than 500 movies. Asa started her career as a porn star in 2006 when she was just 20 years of age. She was a regular on the radio show Bubba, the Love Sponge, during 2006-2007. Gina Lynn, one of her co-stars, introduced Asa to the adult film industry and led Asa to sign a contract with Vouyer.

“Akira” is taken from an anime film. The first name of the actress Asa means “morning” in the Japanese language.

Aa Akira holding an award she won
Aa Akira holding an award she won.

She has been nominated for various AVN awards for best actress, best star showcase, best solo performance, and best girl sex scene. Likewise, she has won numerous awards for her performance in the film Pure in 2009. She also co-hosted the annual AVN awards with her friend Jesse Jane and April Macie, a comedian. Akira became the most awarded individual during the ceremony and won the prestigious AVN Female Performer of the Year award.

Her career took off when she signed a deal with Wicked Pictures in October 2013 and started directing adult movies.  She made her directorial debut the same year. Her films have sold millions of copies.

In 2014, Asa Akira wrote an article on playboy magazine called “Just because I do porn doesn’t mean I am not a feminist.” She explains that in a world where men get paid more, porn is an industry where women consistently make more money.

3 Facts about Asa Akira

  • She has 2.3 million followers on Instagram.
  • Asa Akira was molested at the age of eleven.
  • Asa Akira hosted the first and the second pornhub awards.


What was Asa Akira’s first job?

She was formerly employed as a dominatrix.

How many awards did Asa Akira win in her career?

Asa Akira has won 32 awards out of 82 nominations during her career.

Who is the porn idol of Asa Akira?

Asa cites veteran porn actress Lisa Ann as her porn hero.


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