Cherie Barber Age Wikipedia Bio Partner And Net Worth Revealed

Cherie Barber

Cherie Barber is an Australian author, speaker, media contributor, and expert in professional renovations. Dive in to learn about Cherie Barber Age, Wikipedia Bio, Partner And Net Worth. 

Cherie Barber is fondly referred to as “Australia’s Renovation Queen.” She has carved a legendary reputation in the real estate industry with an awe-inspiring track record of personally renovating over 150 properties and transacting more than $75 million in the property.

Her acclaimed Company, Renovating For Profit, has empowered over 20,000 students to follow in her footsteps and replicate her proven process for renovating their homes and investment properties.

As a captivating TV personality, Cherie Barber has graced screens on popular shows like “The Living Room,” “Space Invaders,” “Today Extra,” and “Your Money Live.”

Furthermore, Barber’s magnetic presence extends to the stage, where she is a highly sought-after public speaker. Her literary prowess has earned her the title of an award-winning businesswoman.

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Cherie Barber Age and Wikipedia Bio

Cherie Barber was born in Sydney, Australia, on February 13, 1970. As of 2024, she is 54 years old. She is a force to be reckoned with in property renovation. 

From hosting her captivating renovation show to penning best-selling books like “Renovating For Profit” and “Profitable Property Renovations Made Easy,” Cherie’s expertise knows no bounds.

Cherie Barber Age
Cherie Barber in her Lilyfield House with her vintage car. (source: theleader)

Similarly, her passion for the property was ignited at just 21 years old when she successfully flipped her first property and made a profit, setting her on a path to renovating well over 130 properties to date.

As Australia’s undisputed authority on renovating for profit, Cherie’s prowess is unmatched. She fearlessly puts her knowledge and skills to the test in front of nationwide TV audiences, showcasing her expertise as one of the few property experts who lead by example.

With a wealth of experience and a relentless drive for success, Cherie Barber continues to inspire and educate countless aspiring renovators with her remarkable achievements and unwavering passion.

Cherie Barber Partner

In the enchanting world of Cherie Barber, her loving partner Matt Blackwood-Hume holds a special place.

Residing in the serene suburb of Lilyfield, Cherie shares her home with Matt and her daughter Milan, a brilliant year ten student at St Scholastica’s in Glebe, her playful cat Snowbell, and her two lively chihuahuas, Bella and Axel.

While Cherie keeps her partner’s details private, their presence adds warmth and companionship to her life, enriching her already vibrant household.

As a renowned figure in the world of property renovation, Cherie Barber’s personal life intrigues and captivates, leaving fans curious about the dynamic between her and her beloved partner Matt.

Cherie Barber Net Worth Revealed

Cherie Barber is not just a renovation queen but a self-made multi-millionaire with a jaw-dropping net worth estimated at around $8 million!

As per a 2016 article on Starcasm, her astonishing wealth is a testament to her unrivaled expertise in the property industry. With a proven track record of personally renovating over 150 properties and transacting a staggering $75 million in property investments, Cherie’s success story is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Cherie Barber Age
Cherie Barber with Mildred the Chevy and Axel the Chihuahua at her Lilyfield home. (source: theleader)

As the esteemed founder and CEO of Renovating For Profit, she has empowered countless individuals to achieve financial success through a property renovation.

Her authoritative knowledge of property investment and renovation has been encapsulated in her acclaimed books, which have garnered her a legion of devoted followers.

Cherie Barber’s net worth is a testament to her unparalleled business acumen and unwavering determination, solidifying her status as a true icon in wealth creation and property expertise.

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