Anthony Farrer Arrested: Mugshot L.A. luxury watch dealer Stealing $3M Accusations

Anthony Farrer arrested

Anthony Farrer arrested by FBI agents for luxury watch fraud. He is known as “The Timepiece Gentleman”.

Anthony Farrer is an individual who was involved in a venture called “The Gentleman Timepieces” based in Dallas.

In 2017, Anthony launched his business with a $500 profit from selling a Breitling watch. Moreover, he has been an ex-convict and criminal.

In 2018, a Dallas-based vintage Rolex dealer named Marco Nicolini joined his venture as a partner of Anthony.

Today, despite limited knowledge about watched, The Timepiecs Gentleman claims to be a million-dollar business.

Moreover, Mr. Anthony is known as an American businessman with a roughly estimated wealth of $10 million.

Farrer desired more than the rural lifestyle he was accustomed to from a young age. He aspired to live in a big city with bright lights, tall buildings, and fast cars.

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Anthony Farrer Arrested For Luxury Watch Fraud

Anthony Farrer arrested by FBI agents in Los Angeles on charges of defrauding customers in his luxury watch consignment business.

Anthony Farrer arrested
Anthony Farrer arrested for watch fraud. He is accused of stealing $3 million. (Source: YouTube)

The 35-year-old, who operated the “Gentlemen Timepieces” business, faces federal wire fraud charges. The maximum prison term for these charges is 20 years.

Farrer allegedly founded the company in 2017. He opened a Beverly Hills location in 2022, where he connected buyers and sellers of high-end watches.

Moreover, the businessman would take watches on consignment, promising to sell them for a commission, typically 5%.

However, according to the complaint, he defrauded customers by keeping the proceeds for himself. The complaint further alleges that he engaged in a scheme similar to a Ponzi Scheme.

He conducted smaller successful transactions to build trust with victims before engaging in more significant fraudulent transactions.

Multiple victims have reported that they wired funds or sent watches for consignment but never received payment or their watches back.

Also, Farrer is accused of sending victims different watches than they intended to purchase. In one instance, a victim received a Rolex watch instead of money.

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Anthony Farrer Mugshot

The Timepiece Gentleman had a collection of mugshots related to various criminal activities. His records include domestic violence, assault, DUI, evading police, and other offences.

Farrer established his business by consigning and earning commissions on luxury timepieces, such as diamond-encrusted Rolexes and Patek Philippes.

Anthony amassed a dedicated customer base and social media following in just a few years mainly due to his online videos. He provided a glimpse of horology online.

One video depicted Farrer enjoying a meal at an upscale Dallas steakhouse. Another video featured him flaunting his Rolex watch in front of a line of supercars.

At one point, Mr. Farrer leased one of Los Angeles’s most expensive penthouses, the 825 South Hill Street. It costs $100,000 per month.

Additionally, his Facebook page suggested that Mr Anthony had dealt with watches worn by celebrities like Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg.

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LA Luxury Watch Dealer Anthony Farrer Stealing $3M 

LA luxury watch dealer has been accused of operating a scheme in Los Angeles. He promised to sell luxury watches but allegedly kept the proceeds for himself.

Anthony Farrer Arrested
Anthony Farrer faces charges that can result in a maximum of 20 years of imprisonment. (Source: YouTube)

Federal prosecutors have charged him with wire fraud, which could result in years of imprisonment with several other punishments.

The allegation suggests that he defrauded clients by failing to purchase the luxury watches they entrusted to him for sale.

Instead, the dealer would send them different timepieces, sometimes in place of owed money, like a Rolex that belonged to another customer.

Farrer conducted minor transactions to gain his victim’s trust before engaging in more significant and deceptive deals.

Law enforcement believes his actions have defrauded clients of approximately $3 million. He is set to face arraignment on December 14, 2023.

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