Andrew Torrez Harrasment & Misconduct Allegations – What Happened?

Andrew Torrez

Andrew Torrez Harrasment and Misconduct Allgeatoins. Let’s know what exactly happened to him. 

Andrew is a layer and a host of shows. He graduated from George Washington University in 1994, and in 1997 Torrez graduated with an honors degree in Law from Havard Law School.

Torrez is also the founder of the Law Office of P. Andrew Torrez, LLC, where he focuses on practice on business litigation in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Since 2011, Andrew has been the “Local Litigation Star” for the State of Maryland by Benchmark. He is also a member of the Federal Bar association and the Serjant’s Inn and Wranglers law club.

Local Litigation Star works with Thomas Smith as the co-host of “Opening Arguments.” He also has made appearances in some other podcasts as well.

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Andrew Torrez Accused Of Harrasment? Misconduct Allegations

Torrez is a layer which refers to himself as a “lower-case atheist lawyer” who is clear about his identity as a nonbeliever but does not litigate atheist causes.

On January 17, Andrew mailed the American Atheists board members stating he was stepping down from the Board. He gave the resignation letter to the board, which was met and filled with warm wishes from other board members.

He explained that he could not attend various calls and thinks someone would better serve the Board with the availability to give the time that the position requires.

Andrew Torrez
Mandisa Thomas, left, and P. Andrew Torrez both recently left the board of American Atheists. (Source: Religion News Service)

At the time of registration “lower-case atheist lawyer” was unaware of the ethics complaints filed against him by the Board by an activist worker.

Several women working with Torrez filled and accused him of sexual harassment, which he was unaware of while resigning.

One woman who was a fan of Torrez says he sent her text messages, which she shared with the RNS, which would make them uncomfortable.

The woman shares a message with RNS dated from 2017 to 2022, which shows Torrez, who was married, commenting about the appearance of several show fans.

After making comments, Torrez apologized to them when the fans started to push back against him.

What Happened To Andrew?

Felicia Entwistle, one of the women, told RNS that she met the layer Torrez on an atheist podcast when he made a remote appearance.

After the meeting, the two became friends and started texting each other, and she hoped to learn from Torrez how to increase the audience on her podcast.

Felicia eventually met with the co-host of “Opening Arguments” in person at an event in Utah, where she resides.

According to Felicia, she, Torrez and other fans went out to have drinks in the bar. After she left the bar, Andrew messaged her, asking her to return to the hotel he stayed in, saying he was leaving the town the next day.

Felicia Entwistle
Felicia Entwistle shares her story about meeting Andrew Torrez at RSN. (Source: Religion Source News)

The lawyer kept pushing her to come after she reached home. After getting numerous texts, Felicia blocked Torrez and posted on social media about Torrez being “creepy.”

Charone Frankel, an attorney and actress, is also a fan of Torrez’s podcast, and the two had a consensual sexual relationship.

The text message she shared with RNS proved that the married man Andrew had a sexual relationship with her.

Frankel cut off the ties with Andrew when they stopped working in 2019. She again contacted him after he met another woman who had problematic interactions with him.

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