Dominic Chinea Wikipedia Bio – Make It at Market Host Wife Nationality

Dominic Chinea Wikipedia states that he hosts the new BBC series ‘Make It at Market.’ 

He teams up with people having the skills of their home hobby to do a profitable business.

Dominic Chinea Wikipedia Bio

Dominic Chinea was born on 4th May 1986 in the United Kingdom (U.K). He completed his studies in graphic design at South East Essex College.

Chinea worked as a graphic designer with Rankin Studios at the beginning of his carrier. Later, he was offered a job on BBC aired reality show where he got the first chance to show his skills in front of the camera.

Dominic is well known for his previous popular BBC TV show ‘The Repair Shop,’ where he worked as a metalwork restoration expert in 2017. He was the most-liked character on that program and is now the host of another reality TV show ‘Make It at Market.’

Dominic Chinea Wikipedia
Dominic Chinea working on The Repair Shop (Source: Entertainment Daily)

This TV star has his own YouTube channel, Dominic Chinea where he runs personal projects in his workshop and also uploads tutorial videos. He has gained a good number of subscribers (77.7K) and is quite famous on this platform. However, this guy needs a Wikipedia page.

Metal expert Dominic has an estimated net worth of $ 1 million. He also owns a company named Ranalah Wheeling Machines which was established in 1935. Another income source of this brilliant individual is his YouTube channel.

Dominic Chinea: Host of Make It at Market

Dominic Chinea is now hosting the new TV series aired by BBC named ‘Make It at Market,’ which is filmed in Stoneywell. BBC offered him this job after seeing his potential in him, which he proved in the earlier show The Repair Shop by gaining popularity.

In Make It at Market, Chinea and his team help new entrepreneurs to utilize their crafting skills in money-making businesses. They can get assistance from experts and business people to use their home hobby on a commercial platform.

Dominic Chinea
Dominic photoshoot in Make It at Market studio. (Source: Instagram)

Dominic is introduced as the narrator of the show, where new entrepreneurs meet him and explain their skills, hobbies and idea. After that, the team of experts and businessmen try to uplift them by giving suggestions and support from their place.

This series has got a 6.6 IMDb rating and 15 episodes shown on TV till now. The show was filmed in April and May when beautiful flowers were blooming profusely in the garden of Stoneywell.

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Dominic Chinea Wife Maria Domican and His Nationality

The Tv star, Dominic wife’s name is Maria Domican and they were m,arried on October 21, 2017. She is a well-known film producer but is not as popular as her husband.

The couple lives in their country house in Kent. Dominic and Maria do not have their kids till now. Instead, they have a pet which is a dog named ‘Wendy’.  She is Labra.’r living happily with her owners.

Dominic Chinea Wife
Dominic’s pet Wendy playing at residence. (Source: Instagram)

Dominic was born in the United Kingdom. So, his nationality is British. Dominic belongs to the White/European ethnicity.

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