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Angie Lassman Wikipedia

Angie Lassman Wikipedia Bio is quite interesting. She is an Emmy Award-winning broadcast meteorologist who works at N.B.C. 6 News.

On N.B.C. 6 midday, Angie Lassman is on “The Alert Weather Team” and the 4 pm broadcast. She also has a real passion for climate change and tells stories about changing climates and their effects on the environment globally and locally every week.

Angie Lassman Wikipedia sources tell us about her working as a reporter and a morning meteorologist at Fox 26 KNPN in St. Joseph, Missouri, before joining N.B.C. 6 in May 2016.

Lassman attended the Florida Institute of Technology, and from the department of Ocean Engineering and Sciences, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in 2012. Angie also got her master’s degree in Meteorology from the same University.

According to Angie Lassman Wikipedia Bio, she got recruited to play volleyball for the Florida Institute of Technology. At the University, she was a renowned college athlete, part of the scientific research team, and Facilitator for the Department of Space Sciences. She was an all-rounder student.

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Angie Lassman Wikipedia Bio And Age

Born on November 22, 1990, in Fraser, Michigan, U.S., Angie Lassman is a 32-year-old married woman. Besides her charming personality and massive popularity, Lassman has won not one, not two, but three Emmy Awards.

Angie Lassman Wikipidea
Lassman family. Angie Lassman’s brother and mother. (Source: Instagram)

According to Angie Lassman Wikipedia Bio, she was born to Elizabeth Lassman (mother) and Larry Lassman (Father). She says her father was her most enormous admirer.

However, he’s no longer in this world. Angie says her mother is her best friend, and she’s very close to her. She also has a younger brother named Reese Lassman.

Angie Lassman married Adam Vangel on September 7, 2019, after she said yes to her long-time boyfriend’s proposal.

However, they got divorced. It’s unknown why they got divorced and when, but it seems like she has got herself a new man named Marco Franco. He’s a former pro athlete and a personal trainer at the Gym/Physical fitness center, Barrys. We can see them together and happy on both their Instagram post.

Angie Lassman Wikipedia
Angie and Marco enjoy their time on a yacht. (Source: Instagram)

Angie Lassman is a calm and collected person. She always has a positive outlook on everything and every part of her life. This is one of the reasons why she has such a loyal fan following. She loves to travel and enjoys going to the beach.

Lassman also taught  Law enforcement proper procedures at Florida State University. She taught me how to manage crises in case of a coronal mass ejection or space weather emergency.

Angie Lassman Instagram

Angie Lassman is active on Instagram and other social media platforms. She posts pictures of her having a good time with her friends and family every other week.

Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her traveling to many beautiful places. Pictures of her at her workspace and updates about the forecast and climate.

We can witness her enjoying her life to its fullest with the ones she loves and adores most. We can see her relaxed and fun-loving personality through her posts and stories.

Angie Lassman Wikipedia
Angie Lassman is enjoying her pastry. (Source: Instagram)

Currently, at the moment, Angie has a certain amount of loyal followers, 20.4K, 375 posts, and follows 2,748 people. The friends she hangs out with also seem to be very professional in what they do.

Her Instagram posts show that she has a good sense of style and maintains her physical appearance. Angie also has a good sense of humor and a wicked personality that her fans adore.

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