Roxanna Panufnik Husband Stephen Macklow-Smith Married Life And Kids

Roxanna Panufnik Husband

Exploring the marriage and family life of the British composer An Insight into Roxanna Panufnik husband, Stephen Macklow-Smith, and their children

British composer Roxanna Panufnik, daughter of renowned Polish composer Sir Andrzej Panufnik, is one of today’s most prolific and popular composers.

She studied at the Royal Academy of Music and has an expansive catalog spanning opera, ballet, choral, orchestral, chamber, film, and television works, which receive performances worldwide.

The musician has a particular passion for world music, evident in pieces like Four World Seasons, Abraham for violin and orchestra, the multi-faith album Love Abide, and Dance of Life: Tallinn Mass.

Her music celebrates global diversity and universal human experiences.

The composer continues to receive prominent commissions, including for the 2023 coronation of King Charles III and Camilla.

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Roxanna Panufnik Husband, Stephen Macklow-Smith,

Panufnik married Stephen Macklow-Smith in 2001. He is a businessman and the co-founder of First Avenue Partners LLP, an independent corporate finance advisory firm.

Roxanna Panufnik’s husband previously worked at HSBC and graduated from Oxford University with an MA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

Stephen himself comes from a distinguished family. His father, Sir Timothy Macklow-Smith, was a British Army officer who became a writer after retiring from the military.

Roxanna Panufnik Husband
Roxanna Panufnik’s husband is Stephen Macklow-Smith. (Source: roxannapanufnik)

His grandfather was a senior diplomat who served in India. The pair currently live together in London.

The composer has spoken about how supportive Stephen is of her musical career, driving her to rehearsals and concerts, helping organize her schedules, and being one of her most trusted critics for new compositions.

Roxanna Panufnik Married Life

The couple has been married for over 20 years, tying the knot when the composer was 33.

During their marriage, Roxanna Panufnik maintained a prolific career as a sought-after composer, creating over 300 works across diverse genres.

In interviews, she has emphasized the importance of balancing her creative work and family life.

Roxanna Panufnik Husband
Pictured: Roxanna Panufnik at work in her London home. (Source; culturewhisper)

She credits her spouse for being an extremely hands-on father and helping to manage their household.

He assumes many domestic responsibilities, freeing up time and mental space for Roxanna to compose.

The couple supports each other’s careers and others. She often travels globally for performances and residencies.

When she is away, Stephen holds down the fort at home. Meanwhile, she also enthusiastically attends her husband’s work even though she accompanied him on business trips earlier in his career.

Roxanna Panufnik Kids

Roxanna and Stephen have three children: two daughters named Kasia and Ellie and a son named Ben.

The eldest, Kasia, studied art history at the University of Edinburgh. Ellie and Ben are still school-aged.

The composer usually composes while her kids are at school, allowing her to be present for them in the evenings.

She makes a concerted effort to expose her children to diverse arts and cultures. She has brought them to many of her premieres and performances.

The Roxanna Panufnik kids have inherited their parents’ creative genes: Kaparents’n avid photographer, Ellie loves to sing, and Ben plays multiple musical instruments.

Roxanna Panufnik Husband
Roxanna Panufnik is the parent of a trio of children. (Source: polskieradio)

The family lives a low-key life focused on their passions. The musician’s children have grmusician’somed to their mom’s musical career and mom’s work.

She also makes time for family trips and activities amidst her busy schedule. Her kids and husband ground her and provide invaluable joy and inspiration.

Beyond these details, the couple has kept their private lives out of the spotlight to give their children normal childhoods away from the public eye.

However, it’s clear from her words that it is essential to her and that her husband and kids are her most significant sources of love and encouragement.

Their tight-knit family unit allows the composer to thrive at home and in her professional accomplishments.

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