Who Is Alex Hormozi Wife Leila Hormozi? Relationship Timeline Age And Net Worth

Alex Hormozi Wife Leila Hormozi and net worth

Alex Hormozi receives all the compliments as the talented gym owner wows young entrepreneurs. People want to learn more about him as he builds an incredible portfolio from scratch. Who Is Alex Hormozi Wife Leila Hormozi? Let’s find out. 

Alex Hormozi shot to fame with his impressive gym empire. The successful entrepreneur with his wife, Leila Hormozi, work for the same firm, Acquisition.

Hormozi has always been interested in a fitness regime. The man served as the Vice President of Vanderbilt Powerlifting.

People know him and his wife as the pair demonstrates how much of a fitness fanatic they are. Alex established his gym and fitness services in California.

Prior to launching his gym business, Hormozi worked as a management consultant.  He worked for a boutique strategy firm for over two years after graduating. 

Later, he quit his job to establish his own business. Hormozi established his first venture Universal Fitness in 2013. The hard-working man extended the firm to six sites in three years.

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Meet Alex Hormozi Wife Leila Hormozi: Relationship Timeline

Alex Hormozi tied the knot with Leila Hormozi. Just like him, Hormozi’s wife, Leila, is an entrepreneur. Also, she received recognition as a first-generation Iranian-American philanthropist and investor.

Leila Hormozi has experience in expanding companies through flexible infrastructures. She develops management systems that convert into great places to work with efficiency.

In 2014, she joined her first internship while still at University. Likewise, her first job was as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in February 2015. She had completed her graduation at the time.

Eventually, she moved to Orange County to join the firm. Leila and her husband together established several fitness regimes across the nation. 

Alex Hormozi Wife Leila Hormozi
Alex Hormozi and his wife, Leila Hormozi, have established several firms. (Source: INC)

The first-generation Iranian-American entrepreneur relocated to California in 2015 to pursue a career in fitness. Moreover, people recognized her as the region’s best-selling personal trainer.

In addition, Alex’s wife, Leila Hormozi, has worked for Gym Launch. During the last five years, she became the firm’s Co-CEO, COO, and Co-founder. However, she resigned from all posts to join the Gym Launch & Prestige Labs board in January 2022.

Regarding their relationship timeline, Alex tied the knot with Leila in 2017. The fit duo worked in several fitness companies before their marriage. 

Alex and his wife, Leila, have no children as of 2024. Regarding their past relationships, Leila could have dated at least one person before marrying Alex. Following their marriage, the two have launched many businesses together, including Acquisition and Gym Launch. 

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Alex Hormozi Age And Net Worth

California-based entrepreneur Alex has a combined net worth of $11 million with his wife Leila Hormozi. The lovely and fit duo earns millions as budding entrepreneurs through various ventures.

He was born on 18 August 1992. Hormozi is 31 years old as of 2024.

Alex has established many firms and earns a stable income from his Company, including Gym Launch, Acquisition, and Prestige Labs. His wife is an essential member of his respective firms.

Alex Hormozi and Leila Hormozi net worth
Alex Hormozi and his wife, Leila Hormozi, posing with Arnold. (Source: Gymlaunchsecrets)

Moreover, Alex holds a controlling share in all his companies. The biggest shares are held by the amazing duo. 

He eventually invests in other companies that are close to Acquisition.com. The investor receives a share of the stock in each firm to expand his enterprises. 

When he and his wife expand their firm, their interest in the Company grows, boosting their ownership value.

His most extensive firm, Acquisition.com, was founded in 2020. He and his wife pushed the firm with their expertise in business scaling. 

The couple’s thriving business is expected to triple the Company’s revenue in five years. 

Moreover, Alex and Leila earn more with a portfolio of enterprises ranging from SAAS, e-commerce education, and brick-mortar service licensing.  Besides their entrepreneurial career and investments, they generate decent revenue from their YouTube videos.

Alex’s recent venture, Aquistion, generated at least $85 million in annual revenue in all sectors.

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