Isabel Oakeshott Sister Veronica Oakeshott, Brother And Family Ethnicity

Isabel Oakeshott sister

Isabel Oakeshott is a prominent British political journalist; she previously served as the political editor for The Sunday Times and is the co-author of several non-fiction books on UK politics. Let’s find out about Isabel Oakeshott sister, Veronica Oakeshott.

Oakeshott co-wrote the unapproved biography “Call Me Dave” about former PM David Cameron with Michael Ashcroft.

She also collaborated with Ashcroft on the book “White Flag? An Examination of the UK’s Defence Capability” and co-wrote additional titles like “Farmageddon” with Philip Lymbery and “Pandemic Diaries” with controversial ex-Health Secretary Matt Hancock about his COVID-19 response.

Her investigative works have taken an inside look at major institutions like the Labour Party as well as hot-button issues like industrial agriculture and Britain’s defence capabilities.

In September 2021, Oakeshott was named a weekly host on the channel GB News. However, she departed GB News less than a year later, in April 2022, for a position at TalkTV with a £250,000 salary.

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Isabel Oakeshott Sister Veronica Oakeshott

As per sources, Isabel Oakeshott sister, Veronica Oakeshott, boasts a 15-year career as a campaigns and policy professional in both the United Kingdom and Africa. In 2015, she secured a position as a Labour councilor.

Having obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from Newcastle University in 2002, Veronica furthered her education by earning a Master of Arts in Political Campaigning and Reporting from the City University of London in 2010.

Isabel Oakeshott sister
                                                    Isabel Oakeshott sister, Veronica has 1106 followers on her Twitter account (Source: Twitter)

Presently, Veronica holds the position of Head of Forests Policy and Advocacy at Global Witness, having joined the organisation in September 2021.

Despite Isabel’s prominence as a journalist, her sister has also found herself in the public eye. However, limited information is available about Veronica Oakeshott in the public domain.

According to reports, Veronica, who served as a councillor, recently announced her resignation. After dedicating three years to her role as a counsellor, she shared the news of her decision to step down on the popular social media site, i.e., Twitter.

Isabel Oakeshott brother

Information about Isabel’s family, particularly her potential brother, remains scarce.

While she has acknowledged her sister, Veronica, on social media, there is no mention of a brother on any platform.

Moreover, this absence of mention suggests the likelihood that Isabel may not have a brother.

Although it’s plausible that she may have brothers, the fact that she hasn’t disclosed the existence of any biological brothers makes it reasonable to assume that she may not have one.

In contrast to many other journalists and television commentators, Oakeshott actively preserves a significant level of privacy.

Furthermore, this deliberate choice to keep certain aspects of her life confidential has contributed to an added layer of mystery surrounding her biography.

Isabel Oakeshott family and ethnicity

As per reports, the skilled journalist Oakeshott tied the knot with Nigel Rosser and is a mother of three children.

As of 2018, she was said to be romantically involved with Richard Tice, a businessman who would later become the leader of Reform UK.

Oakeshott shares a familial connection with life peer Matthew Oakeshott. Additionally, she aligns herself with the pro-Brexit stance and maintains strong connections with Lord Ashcroft, a donor to the Conservative Party.

Isabel Oakeshott sister
                                                          The British political journalist, Isabel Oakeshott and her crew members (Source: Twitter)

When discussing Isabel’s ethnic background, it’s important to note that she hasn’t explicitly disclosed the specifics.

However, considering her origin in the United Kingdom, where the predominant ethnic group is white British, there is a likelihood that she belongs to this demographic category.

The United Kingdom’s largest ethnic group being white British makes it plausible that Isabel shares this ethnic affiliation, although she has not explicitly confirmed it.

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