Meet Adriana Leon Parents: Pedro Jose And Lucrecia Larrea Siblings And Family Tree

Adriana Leon Parents

Adriana Leon parents had been supportive of her career as an athlete for a long period. Know more about her lifestyle, siblings, and family from the article below.

Adriana Kristina Leon is a Canadian professional women’s soccer player who plays as a winger.

She has had a successful career, playing for various clubs and representing the Canadian national team.

Her professional career began with Toronto Lady Lynx in 2010-2012, and she went on to play for various clubs, including Boston Breakers, Chicago Red Stars, Western New York Flash, etc.

She has represented Canada in several international competitions, including two FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and the CONCACAF W Championship.

Throughout her career, Leon has earned numerous honors and medals, showcasing her talent and dedication to women’s soccer.

Let’s read more about the athlete’s lifestyle including the topic of Adriana Leon parents.

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Meet Adriana Leon Parents: Pedro Jose And Lucrecia Larrea

Adriana Leon parents, Pedro Jose and Lucrecia Larrea are  proud of the Canadian soccer star.

Born on October 2, 1992, in Mississauga, Ontario, Adriana’s journey to becoming a prominent women’s soccer player was supported and nurtured by her loving parents.

From a young age of four, Adriana’s passion for soccer flourished under Adriana Leon parents encouragement, playing at Vaughan SC and excelling in the sport throughout her youth.

As Adriana’s soccer career progressed, Adriana Leon parents, Pedro Jose and Lucrecia stood steadfastly by her side, supporting her in every milestone she achieved.

Their unwavering love and guidance contributed significantly to Adriana’s growth as both an athlete and an individual.

Despite their daughter’s international success, the couple maintained a private presence, allowing Adriana to focus on her career without unnecessary distractions.

Adriana Leon Parents
Adriana Leon with her mom when she went home after a long time (Source: Instagram)

Adriana Leon parents, Pedro Jose and Lucrecia’s dedication to her dreams and aspirations has undoubtedly played a crucial role in Adriana’s remarkable journey.

It made her a gold medalist at the Olympics and a key player in the Canadian team competing at the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Their support remains an integral part of Adriana’s success on and off the field, making them an essential part of her inspiring story.

Adriana Leon Siblings

Adriana Leon comes from a family with a strong sports background, and she has five siblings. Among her siblings, there are four brothers and one sister.

The names of her brothers are Marioleon, Leopoldo, Pedro Leon, and Fausto, while her sister’s name is Marcela Leon.

Growing up in a sports-loving family, Adriana’s passion for soccer was greatly influenced by her brothers, with whom she would play on the streets, engaging in friendly competitions and developing her skills.

Adriana Leon Parents
Adriana Leon at the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo (Source: Instagram)

Their shared love for sports created a supportive and competitive environment that undoubtedly contributed to Adriana’s success as a professional soccer player.

While Adriana’s achievements in soccer have earned her international recognition, her siblings remain an essential part of her life and support system.

Their bond and shared experiences have played a crucial role in shaping Adriana Leon’s journey in sports and her incredible career on the soccer field.

Adriana Leon Family Tree

Adriana Leon’s family tree is a testament to her strong family bonds and the support she has received throughout her life and soccer career.

At the core of her family tree are her parents, Pedro Jose Leon and Lucrecia Larrea, who have been instrumental in nurturing her talents and guiding her on her journey to success.

Adriana has mentioned that she grew up in a sports-oriented family, with her parents and siblings engaging in various athletic activities together.

Adriana Leon Parents
Adriana Leon practicing for her upcoming games (Source: Instgaram)

Her extended family also plays a significant role, as they hold a controlling share of Leon’s Furniture Limited, a prominent Canadian furniture store.

Despite her rising fame, Adriana’s family has maintained a private presence, allowing her to focus on her career and achievements.

Through the love and support of her family, Adriana Leon has become a respected athlete and an inspiration to aspiring young players around the world.

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