Meet Shakira Austin Parents David And Jessica, Ethnicity And Age

Shakira Austin

Shakira Austin Parents, David, and Jessica, are a subject of interest among fans of the talented basketball player who are curious about her family background and ethnicity.

Shakira Austin, an American professional basketball player, currently shines as a member of both the Israeli team Elitzur Ramla and the Washington Mystics in the WNBA.

Having showcased her talents at Maryland and Ole Miss during her college years, Austin’s skills captured attention.

In the 2022 WNBA draft, the Washington Mystics chose the athlete as the third overall pick on April 11, 2022. She made a big impact right away and proved herself as a valuable player on the court.

Later, in September 2022, Austin signed a contract with Elitzur Ramla, the Israeli champions, for the rest of the season.

Her contributions were vital in leading the team to win the championship again. Her exceptional performance also earned her the title of the league’s best player.

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Meet Shakira Austin Parents David And Jessica

The talented basketball player was born to parents named David Austin and Jessica King. Her Parents take great pride in being her mom and dad. Among her five siblings, she holds the position of being the eldest.

David, who was once a basketball coach, is a dedicated father who takes pride in his physical fitness and refers to himself as a “workout warrior.”

Throughout his coaching career, he achieved numerous victories with the Jacksonville Warriors, including championships in different divisions.

The athlete’s father introduced her to basketball, allowing her to decide if she enjoyed the sport. Initially, she didn’t have much interest and stopped playing.

However, during middle school, she gave basketball another try and immediately developed a strong connection with it.

She expressed her desire to pursue basketball seriously and earn a scholarship, receiving full support from her father.

Her father has always been there, investing his time and effort to encourage and assist his daughter in her improvement.

Shakira Austin Parents
Shakira Austin with her family members. (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Jessica is an entrepreneur with her own clothing brand. She cherishes spending time with her children and can often be seen enjoying their company in videos and during her daughter’s matches.

As a proud mother, Jessica is incredibly happy and content with her daughter’s success and achievements at such a young age.

Undoubtedly, both parents are overjoyed by the basketball player’s accomplishments at such a young age.

Shakira Austin Ethnicity

Austin proudly identifies herself as Black, and she takes pride in her heritage and the diversity of Black culture. Being Black is an important part of her identity and influences her experiences both on and off the basketball court.

As a Black athlete, she inspires and empowers other young people with similar backgrounds.

Shakira Austin Ethnicity
Shakira Austin participated in a photo shoot for her portfolio. (Source: Instagram)

In the world of sports, representation matters, and the athlete’s success and achievements highlight the talent and resilience of Black athletes.

She serves as a role model, breaking down barriers and showing that dreams can come true with hard work and determination.

Through her remarkable basketball career and notable accomplishments, the basketball player becomes a source of pride and inspiration for the Black community.

Shakira Austin Age

Shakira was born on July 25, 2000, which is an important detail in her basketball journey and achievements. As of 2024, she is  23 years old.

In 2018, during the recruiting process, she gained recognition as the fourth-ranked player nationwide and the second-ranked forward.

The basketball player was also honored by being selected as a McDonald’s High School All-American in 2018. After finishing high school, Austin initially signed with the University of Maryland.

During her first season at Maryland in 2018-19, she had a strong impact and earned a spot on the All-Big Ten Freshman Team. She set a remarkable school record with 89 blocks.

Shakira Austin Age
Shakira Austin was spotted on the basketball court during one of her games. (Source: Instagram)

In the WNBA’s athlete’s second and final season at Maryland in 2019-20, Austin’s exceptional performance led to her selection for the All-Big Ten Second Team.

After her sophomore season, Austin decided to transfer to Ole Miss.

In 2021, Austin received the Gillom Trophy, a prestigious award recognizing Mississippi’s best female basketball player.

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