Aaron Carter’s Net Worth : Career & Lifestyle

An American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer Aaron Carter’s Net Worth is a staggering $400 Thousand.

Born on December 7, 1987, Carter is famous for his versatility and different profession at different periods of time.

Firstly, he earned fame for pop and singer in the late 1990s. Secondly, a star among pre-teen and teenage audiences during the first years of the 21st century with his four studio albums.

Slowly he also appeared on several television shows. Few of them including “Lizzie McGuire” in 2001, “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” in 2001, and “7th Heaven” in 2004.

In 1997, Carter started performing when Carter was just 7. After that, his self-entitled debut album was certified Gold in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Canada. However, it was not the album that made him star.

Moreover, in 2002, at age 9, when he released his second album, “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It),” the world knew about him. Moreover, that album eventually sold over 3 million copies in the U.S. alone and launched Carter on an international tour.

Aaron Carton performing on the stage
Aaron Carton performing on the stage 

Later, he began appearing as a guest in Nickelodeon and touring with the Backstreet Boys shortly after the record’s release.

Furthermore, Carter’s next album, “Oh Aaron,” also went platinum. After that, the musician released his last studio album for 16 years, “Another Earthquake!” in 2002, followed by his 2003 “Most Requested Hits” collection.

Moreover, he competed on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” coming in fifth place with partner Karina Smirnoff. Moreover, in 2009, Aaron also starred in stage productions of Seussical and “The Fantasticks.”

Again in 2014, he announced that he would begin releasing his new music and albums. After that, he started releasing a single featuring rappers including Pat SoLo, “Ooh Wee,”

In conclusion, it became available as a free download with purchase on his web store.

You may know Aaron Carter, but do you know his personal life?

Quick Facts About Aaron Carter

Born Name Aaron Charles Carter
Nickname A.C., Skuxx, Airboy, Big “A,” Ronnie
Date of Birth December 7, 1987
Height 6 feet 0 inches
Age 35 years old
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Tampa, Florida, U.S.
Father Robert Gene Carter
Birth Place/City Jane Elizabeth
Brother Nick Carter (Musician)
Sister Angel Carter (Model) (Twin Sister), Bobbie Jean Carter (Twin Sister), Leslie Carter (1986–2012) (Older Sister)
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Ethnicity English, German, Scottish, Welsh, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish)
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Education Frank D. Miles Elementary School and Ruskin School in Florida.
Profession Rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, record producer
Net Worth $400 thousand
Biceps  14 in (35.5 cm)
Waist 33 in (84 cm)
Chest 43 in (109 cm)
Eye Color Light Brown
Social Media InstagramFacebook, Wikipedia, Twitter
Religion Roman Catholicism
Shoe Size 10,5 US
Weight 159 pounds (72 kg)
Hair color Blonde
Hair type Straight
Distinct feature A scar on the upper lip’s left side
Skin Tone/Complexion Type II: Fair skin
Relationship Status Single
Last Update December, 2023

Aaron Carter’s Net Worth and Income

Aaron Carter’s Net Worth

Although he started earning early, Aaron Carter’s net worth is not as we expect now. A multi-talented; rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, record producer Aaron Carter’s net worth is a staggering $400 thousand as of 2020.

The second album, “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It),” which made him star worldwide, helped him earn around $3.5 million.

Therefore, he earned very well by touring and headlining events in the late 1990s and early 2000s and his acting.

Although he started earning up to $200 million by the time he turned 18. But, unfortunately, in November 2013, he was filed for bankruptcy in Florida. So let’s see the above chart of his earnings yearly from only the music industry:

Aaron Carter’s Net worth by year:

Year Source (Album) Earning
1997 Aaron Carter (certified gold by Music Canada, BVMI, IFPII-DEN, IFPI-NOR, IFPI-SWE, and PROMUSICAE) $440,000
2000 Aaron’s Party (Get It) (certified 3x platinum by RIAA and gold by Music Canada) $3,050,000
2001  Oh Aaron (certified platinum by RIAA) $1,000,000
2002 Another Earthquake $64,000
2003 Most Requested Hits

Aaron Carter’s Income

As per the source, Carters’s income is approximately $ 2000, and the expenses are $ 2005.

Currently, he is having a hard time regarding his mental health and family issues. However, Carter has assured his fans that he will bounce back at the very right time.

Aaron Carter’s House, Car, and Gun


First Home in California:

On February 26, 2019, Carter updated a status that he finally owns his “first home in California.” He purchased the house for $430,000. Located in the north of Los Angeles and is over an hour away from Hollywood—with no traffic.

Similarly, he wrote, ‘I finally own my first home in California; I have a place to call my own, worked very diligently and consecutively on myself Mind Body & Soul and kept myself out of trouble.’

Aaron Carter's first house in California.
Aaron Carter’s first house in California. (Source: Aaron Twitter)

Moreover, he also shares the pictures of the house, a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home he purchased in October on social media the last few months.

Later, Carter listed the house of California for sale for $599,000.

House in Nova Scotia:

As we know, carter loves to share every detail happening in his life day to day in his social accounts.

“All I’ve ever dreamt about was making great music, living a healthy lifestyle, having a family. And living in the mountains! Well, now I can say that dream is actually all coming to life! My New Home #Canada #AARONCARTERFLEESTOCANADA“. On October 7, 2019, Carter wrote on Instagram.

Aaron Carter's dream house in Canada.
Aaron Carter’s dream house in Canada. (Source: Aaron Instagram)

The moment Carter realized his dream of moving to Canada. He constantly worked in himself to make it happen. Normally, most people don’t just cross the border and think of investing in some real estate.

However, nothing is quite impossible when you are a filthy rich celebrity; you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Similarly, Carter again posted on Instagram, letting his fans know, “it’s 9,000 square feet and 8 bedrooms a REC ROOM, a STUDY a fireplace in every room. It comes with free maple syrup 4Life maple on tap”.


In 2017, Carton owned BMW M4 worth $69,150. Unfortunately, it’s the same vehicle that ran into an accident on September 4, 2017. During the accident, he left himself with a broken nose.

Aaron Carter's newly purchased car in May
Aaron Carter’s newly purchased car in May (Source: Aaron Instagram)

Later, on May 27, 2020, he came live on his YouTube channel and purchased a new car, “RIVIERA CLASSIC CAR.” After 3 days, he also posted to let his fan know about his newly purchased car.


Since Carter is mostly active on his social media, he lives on Instagram most of every day. During the live session, there are multiple times he showed his collection of guns and also gave a recent update of his newly brought ones.

Specifically, half of the gun he owns is inherited by his father, which his father inherited. He claims to have totaled 500 guns.

However, he was ordered by a California judge to forfeit his guns. When the judge demanded him to do so, he reportedly threw a fit. Along with that, he claimed he would drive to another state to buy more guns if need be.

Also, when Carter was getting out of hand, the judge decided against granting Aaron’s sister, Angel Conrad, a restraining order case. After that, Aaron’s older brother, Nick Carter, also has a restraining order against him.

Furthermore, Carter allegedly purchased five firearms within a few weeks of getting his gun license earlier that fall. They are added to the 500 guns he reportedly inherited from his father, a US Marine veteran who passed away in 2017.

Aaron Carter’s Lifestyle

After all the problems Carton faced back then, starting from the bankruptcy, family issues, his own mental health, and many more.

Also, in 2019, he posted an update for his loyal fan followers on Instagram from a quick video clip accompanied by a bathroom selfie from his Motel 6 in Novia Scotia.

Similarly, he admits on the video that he will change his lifestyle completely after moving to Canada after sharing that his mother Jane is approaching 40 days of sobriety following treatment for alcohol dependency.

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Aaron Carter filed for bankruptcy in 2013 to get rid of more than $3.5 million in debt, mainly taxes owed from the money he earned at the height of his fame.

Charity Work

Although, Carter had to go through many ups and downs regarding his finances. He still did everything he had in his hand to make this world a better place to live.

In addition, the charity he has made is for the cause of homelessness and health. A few of the foundations and charities he has supported are Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, Los Angeles Mission, Visual Snow Initiative, and many more.

Moreover, Aaron and his local artists, named Bravo All-Stars, decided to donate Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Foundation. It is an organization that uses music to help treat autistic and other severely disabled children after the single release.


Music career

Aaron Carter started his career professionally at a very early age. He started performing from the age 7 when he became the lead singer of the band Dead End. And at the age of 9, he dropped his self-entitled debut album.

Moreover, between 1997 and 2002, he released four studio albums and a fifth album in 2018.

Also, his second album, “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It),” released in 2000, was the most hit album that made him known globally. It was also rose to number four on the Billboard Top 200 and brought him fame at a really young age.

These are the songs Carter made so far:

These are the albums Carter made so far:

Acting Career

In 1998, Carter was on the Nickelodeon game show “Figure.” Furthermore, he also appeared on several television shows, including “Lizzie McGuire” (2001), “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” (2001), and “7th Heaven” (2004).

Furthermore, Carter also played in movies like Fat Albert (2004), Ella Enchanted (2004), Supercross (2005), and I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With (2006).

In addition, he competed in “Dancing with the Stars” in 2009, where he succeeded to place in fifth place.

Moreover, in 2001, he performed on Broadway in Seussical the Musical and then in the off-Broadway musical The Fantasticks in 2011.

  • 1998 – Figure It Out
  • 1999 – Zoom
  • 2001 – Lizzie McGuire, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
  • 2002 – 48 Hours Mystery, Liberty’s Kids
  • 2003 – Family Affair
  • 2004 – 7th Heaven, Fat Albert, Ella Enchanted
  • 2006 – House of Carters
  • 2007 – Grand Stand
  • 2009 – Dancing with the Stars
  • 2014 – I Heart Nick Carter, College Fright Night
  • 2016 – Life or Debt
  • 2017 – The Doctors

3 Facts About Aaron Carter

  • On February 21, 2008, Carter was arrested on suspicion of marijuana near Junction, TX.
  • He spent a month at a rehab center in California, and then he started performing again.
  • His parents kept the “Aaron Carter” name after his paternal grandfather “Aaron Charles Carter.”


Is Aaron Carter a bisexual?

On August 5, 2017, Carter came out as bisexual via Twitter. However, in 2018, he gave his opinion on bisexuality, calling it “misconstrued.” Also adding, “I see myself being with a woman and having kids. I want to have a family.”

Is Aaron Carter dating someone?

Reflecting on Carter’s personal life, he has been with high-profile celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, and Kari Ann Peniche. However, Caster is currently dating Melanie Marti and is expecting a baby together.

How long Aron Carten been in the music industry?

Carter was also passionate about music. He started performing at the age of 7 and dropped out his first self-entitles album at age 10. And the last album was 2018. So, in conclusion, he has spent 6 years in the music industry.

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