Xian Gaza Scandal: Christian Gaza Leaked Video Footage Controversy

Xian Gaza Scandal

Xian Gaza scandal began trending into the news after surprising disclosures of his leaked video case. Let’s find out if the Filipino businessman is arrested. 

Christian Albert “Xian” Soriano Gaza, shortly Xian Gaza, was born on 5 July 1993. He is a known Filipino businessman and internet personality.

Xian allegedly claimed to be the CEO and President of Hong Kong-based Guanxiqian Group. Likewise, he pleaded to be the founder of the Gazera Media and Gazaboy Group of Companies.

Gaza first became spotlighted and came to wider public attention in mid-2017. Moreover, he publicly asked gorgeous actress Erich Gonzales for a romantic coffee date. 

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Xian Gaza Scandal

The ‘Xian Gaza Scandal’ topic arose among netizens after allegations of him being a scammer began trending online.

The scandal arose soon after involving Gaza’s illegal ventures. Likewise, he tried out averted ventures with the Haiyan Shirt Project charity project.

Xian Gaza Scandal
Xian Gaza Scandal: The billboard suitor was sentenced to 5 years. (Source: The Filipino Times

The humanitarian project and social media venture was for Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) and Filipino Vines victims.

Moreover, Gaza’s ventures include his transaction with Ella Cruz’s father. Also, Gaza intended to buy a Fortuner during their buying and selling process. 

In 2021, Gaza launched its cryptocurrency. Likewise, the man dubbed his currency the Xian Coin (XNC).

However, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) warned against his crypto venture in June 2021.

The SEC suggested that XNC hinted at a Ponzi scheme. Hence, the authorities filed a cease and desist order in December 2021.

Gaza’s crypto trade was powered through the Ethereum blockchain. Likewise, it is traded exclusively by its holders.

Moreover, Gaza’s venture is purportedly exchangeable to Colombian pesos, Brazilian real, Mexican pesos, Peruvian sol, and Philippine pesos.

Similarly, Gaza’s crypto trade is correlated with the blockchain game Surreal Estate.

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Christian Gaza Leaked Video Footage Controversy

Xian Gaza’s leaked video footage stirred controversy online. Likewise, the Filipino scammer is known for asking out many celebrities for a date.

In 2017, with his outgoing nature, Gaza asked Filpino star Erich Gonzales for a romantic coffee date.

Amused initially, the actress rejected the businessman’s advances after his alleged controversies.

Moreover, Gaza attempted to win Nadine Lustre’s fondness by gifting her a red Ford Mustang in 2020.

In 2021, Gaza rented a billboard in Seoul to set up a display asking Blackpink star Jennie for a date. However, the K-pop artist’s fans were critical of the move, stirring controversy. 

Is Xian Gaza Arrested?

In April 2018, concerned authorities issued an arrest warrant against Xian Gaza for allegedly violating the Bouncing Check Law.

Likewise, Gaza was associated with a ₱2.6 million investment scheme involving a coffee shop with Jaime Asuncion and Melinda Cruz.

On 12 April 2018, Gaza surrendered to the Malabon City police and admitted to scamming the couple.

Moreover, Gaza appealed for ₱160 thousand for bail despite his bail figure being fixed at ₱126 thousand.

Xian was released after a day and secured funds for his bail. However, he was sentenced to five years and six months in jail in June 2018.

Xian Gaza Scandal and arrest
Xian Gaza Scandal: The viral billboard suitor was arrested by the Malabon police. (Source: PEP)

Reportedly, the Filpino businessman received 11 counts of violation of the Bouncing Check Law.

Besides, Gaza boarded a flight to Hong Kong to evade arrest on 30 September 2018. Despite his efforts, the Bureau of Immigration dismissed his account.

The authorities stated his flight was a supposed escape hoax for booking multiple flights. Also, they considered filing a case for composing a mockery of the airport procedure.

However, Gaza revealed he was cleared to depart the country because he had no derogatory record.

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