Winwyn Marquez Parents: Dad Joey Marquez, Mom Alma Moreno

Winwyn Marquez Parents

The talented Filipino actress and beauty queen inherits her star power from Winwyn Marquez Parents: the renowned actor Joey Marquez and the iconic Alma Moreno.

Teresita Ssen Lacsamana Marquez, affectionately known as Winwyn Marquez, is a versatile force in the Filipino entertainment scene.

Born on May 4, 1992, in Parañaque, Metro Manila, she rose to fame after clinching the Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas title at the Miss World Philippines 2017 pageant, subsequently winning the prestigious Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 crown in Bolivia.

Beyond her pageant success, Winwyn has been a fixture in Philippine entertainment since 2004, gracing TV series and films such as “Mulawin vs Ravena,” “Unli Life,” and “Blusang Itm.”

This accomplished actress, model, and dancer, Winwyn Marquez Parents, actor Joey Marquez and iconic Alma Moreno.

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Winwyn Marquez Parents

Renowned beauty queen and actress share a close-knit bond with her family, Winwyn Marquez Parents, the well-known Joey Marquez, and Alma Moreno.

With four siblings, including Vandolph Quizon, Mark Anthony Fernandez, and VJ Marquez, Winwyn’s family is a dynamic blend of talent and charisma.

In a heartwarming December 2021 YouTube video, Winwyn let viewers into a personal moment, unveiling her parents’ joyous reactions to her pregnancy.

Winwyn Marquez Parents
Winwyn has four siblings, including half-siblings Vandolph Quizon, Mark Anthony Fernandez, and VJ Marquez. (source: philstarlife)

Despite her reputation as a private individual, her decision to share this intimate family moment highlighted the unwavering support and happiness emanating from her close relationship with Winwyn Marquez Parents.

Adding to the excitement, Winwyn’s father, Joey Marquez, confirmed her engagement to the father of her daughter Luna.

Winwyn Marquez  Dad Joey Marquez

The strength of Winwyn Marquez Parents bonds, particularly with her father, is palpable through glimpses into their relationship shared on social media and in public statements.

In a delightful revelation in June 2022, Joey Marquez confirmed Winwyn’s engagement to her non-showbiz partner, a sweet connection that began in their childhood.

This announcement not only showcased Winwyn’s personal joy but also highlighted the supportive role her father plays in her life.

Fast forward to October 2023, and Winwyn further affirmed the closeness of their family ties by sharing a heartwarming photo on Instagram.

The picture featured Joey Marquez embracing his role as a grandfather, cradling Winwyn’s daughter, Luna.

Winwyn Marquez Parents
Winwyn Marquez is the daughter of Joey Marquez, a well-known actor and politician. (source: rappler)

This snapshot not only encapsulates the warmth of their familial bond but also underlines the multigenerational love within the Winwyn Marquez Parents.

These instances stand as testaments to the enduring and profound connection between Winwyn Marquez and her father, Joey Marquez.

Beyond the glitz of showbiz and politics, their relationship is a testament to the strength of family ties, proving that, for Winwyn, the greatest victories are those shared with her beloved father.

Winwyn Marquez  Mom Alma Moreno

While Winwyn shares a close bond with her mother, she has candidly opened up about the challenges of being compared to Alma Moreno, expressing how such comparisons have triggered insecurities about her appearance.

The constant comparisons to her mother, Alma Moreno, have taken a toll on Winwyn Marquez, fueling personal insecurities about her appearance.

The unforgiving nature of societal expectations within the realm of entertainment amplifies the emotional challenges faced by individuals like Winwyn.

Navigating a career in the public eye becomes not just a professional journey but a deeply personal one, requiring resilience and self-discovery amidst the weight of external judgments and comparisons.

Despite the shadows of expectations, Winwyn has carved her own path in the entertainment industry, showcasing her unique talent and charisma.

Their close relationship is evident through heartfelt social media posts and public statements, emphasizing the strength of their father-daughter connection.

Winwyn Marquez’s journey is not just about individual achievements but also about embracing the complexities of identity and family ties.

Through both challenges and triumphs, she continues to navigate her unique path while honoring the profound connections with both her mother, Alma Moreno, and her father, Joey Marquez.

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