Lola Tung Parents: Meet Mother Pia Tung And Father Siblings And Family

Lola Tung Parents

Curious about Lola Tung parents? Meet mother Pia and Father Tom Tung, who have been supportive of their daughter’s love and passion for acting from a young age.

Lola Tung is an American actress who landed her breakthrough role in the 2022 Amazon Prime series ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’.

She plays the lead character Isabel “Belly” Conklin in the adaptation of Jenny Han’s popular YA novel trilogy.

The actress was discovered by her manager during a virtual high school theater showcase.

She has since signed with the Creative Artists Agency as her acting career takes off.

With the show renewed, Tung is poised for more success as the star of this coming-of-age drama.

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Lola Tung Parents: Meet Mother Pia Tung And Father

Lola was born in 2002 to Pia and Tom Tung. Her mother, Pia, comes from Chinese and Swedish descent, while her father has Eastern European roots.

Her maternal grandmother is Swedish. Her parents raised her in New York City, fostering her artistic talents from a young age.

The movie actress’s mother, Pia, had been an actress herself and recognized her daughter’s own passion for performing.

She enthusiastically supported Lola in acting, singing, and dancing, shuttling her to lessons and auditions.

Pia gave pep talks before tryouts, reminding her daughter she was proud regardless of the outcome.

Lola Tung Parents
Lola Tung Parents were very supportive of their daughter’s acting career from a young age. (Source: Instagram)

The actress’s father, Tom, was a musician who also encouraged his daughter’s interests in the arts.

Thanks to Lola Tung parents unwavering belief in her, Lola gained the confidence to pursue acting seriously, graduating from a performing arts high school and university drama programme.

She looks up to her mother especially and hopes to emulate Pia’s strengths someday.

She has appreciated working on projects like The Summer I Turned Pretty that explore Asian American family dynamics, much like her own upbringing.

Tung maintains a close bond with both parents and credits their nurturing love for enabling her success and pride in her multicultural identity.

Lola Tung Siblings

Based on available information, the American actress does not appear to have any siblings. There are no reports indicating she has brothers or sisters.

She seems to be the only child raised by her parents, Pia and Tom Tung, in New York City.

In interviews and social media posts, the actress has not mentioned or referenced growing up with any siblings.

She speaks fondly of her parents and extended family but has never acknowledged any brothers or sisters.

Lola Tung Parents
Lola Tung is the only child of her parents. (Source: Instagram)

Given the lack of evidence pointing to her having siblings, it is reasonable to conclude she was brought up as an only child by her mother and father.

Her parents were able to focus their attention on nurturing her talents and supporting her acting ambitions without dividing time between multiple children.

While some child stars do have siblings who also work in entertainment, the artist’s rise to fame with The Summer I Turned Pretty appears to have come without any sibling ties or rivalries.

The movie actress seems to have been the sole focus of Lola Tung parents devotion as their one and only daughter.

Lola Tung Family

While Tung is exceptionally close with her father and mother, Pia and Tom, not much is publicly known about her extended family.

The actress has never spoken about grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins in interviews.

Her social media accounts also do not reveal any insights into other family members beyond her mother and father.

It appears she was raised mainly by her dad and mom, without much mention of a wider family circle.

As she seems to be an only child, her family unit is small and tight-knit.

Lola Tung Parents
Lola Tung fell in love with acting during middle school and often took part in school plays. (Source: Instagram)

However, Lola does have two beloved dogs that she considers part of her family.

On her Instagram, she shares photos of her two pets, whom she considers family members.

While she keeps most of her personal life private, her adoration for her canine companions is clear from her posts.

Though details are scarce regarding relatives beyond her parents, she does have unconditional love from her two dogs.

They bring her joy and comfort amidst her rising career.

For now, the actress’ family seems to consist of her mom, dad, and furry friends as she takes on more acting roles and navigates life in the spotlight.

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