Will Levis Family: His Parents Siblings And Ethnicity Revealed

Will Levis Family

Will Levis family has a rich history in football, for over eight decades and several generations of talented players and coaches.

Will Levis is a 24 years old football quarterback player currently playing for the Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA.

He has already made a name for himself with his exceptional performances on the field.

Will’s family has a long history in football, with his great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and uncle all having played the sport at a high level.

Football runs in the genes of the Levis family, and Will is continuing the family legacy as a successful football player himself.

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Will Levis Family: Parents

Will Levis is a talented quarterback player of Kentucky Wildcats who comes from a family with a long legacy in football.

Will was born on June 27, 1999, to Mike and Beth Levis in Newton, Massachusetts.

However, he is not the only member of his family to have an interest in the sport. 

It is known that his great-grandfather, Alva Levis, was an All-American football player and coach who won the National Championship in 1939 while playing for Cornell University.

Continuing the legacy of his family, Will’s father, Mike Levis, also played football at Dension University, while his mother, Beth Kelly Levis, is a two-time All-American soccer player at Yale.

Will Levis Family
Will Levis clicks a family portrait with his parents (Source: The Football USA)

Football runs deep in the veins of the Levis family, with Will’s uncle also being an All-American football player at Yale.

Will himself has shown great performance in the sport and has become a top member of the Kentucky Wildcats team.

Apart from football, Will is also a music lover and enjoys singing in his free time.

Despite their connection to football, Will’s parents stay out of the media spotlight, so that he can enjoy his time as a football player without too much interference from the public.

Will Levis Siblings

Will Levis was born into a family of six, including his three siblings in their hometown of Madison, Connecticut.

He has two older sisters named Kelley and Jill and a younger sister named Claire who grew up alongside him.

Growing up in a family full of football admirers, Will and his siblings were exposed to the sport from a young age, and all of them have been interested in it.

His oldest sister, Kelley attended the University of Georgia and played for the women’s soccer team.

She is now a professional soccer player and has played for clubs in the US and Europe.

Will Levis Family
Will Levis enjoying family time with siblings (Source: Twitter)

Jill on the other hand is a lacrosse player at Central Connecticut State University.

Claire, the youngest also plays lacrosse for Northeastern University

Although Will is the only one among his siblings who are pursuing football as his professional career, his sisters have shown their support for him throughout his journey.

Despite their busy schedules, they are often seen attending his games and sharing their happiness about his success on social media.

Overall, the Levis family’s passion for football runs deep, and each member has found a way to contribute to the sport.

Will Levis Ethnicity Revealed

Will Levis is of American ethnicity, having been born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1997.

While he has not spoken publicly about his ethnicity, it is believed that he is of white American descent.

Although Will Levis has not publicly disclosed his ethnic background, his family may have a diverse cultural heritage or a mixture of different ethnicities.

Will Levis Family
Will Levis Family comes to support him when he signs his contract for Xavier High School (Source: GameTime CT)

He is more focused on his football career which has gained him widespread attention.

With his exceptional athletic skills, Will has already made a name for himself in the NCAA as a quarterback for the Kentucky Wildcats.

He is making his way to the NFL in the coming years and is currently practicing hard on playing football.

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