Said Nurmagomedov Muslim Or Christian? Religion Parents And Family Explored

Said Nurmagomedov Muslim

Wondering if Said Nurmagomedov Muslim Or Christian well that’s been in a lot of people’s minds read more to find out about the MMA fighter.

Said Nurmagomedov, a professional Mixed Russian Martial Artist currently competing in the bantamweight division in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Said’s been competing professionally since 2009 and formerly competed for World Fighting Championship Akhmat and  Absolute Championship Berkut.

Being a former AFC Bantamweight Champion, his UFC bantamweight ranking is #14 as of 15, 2023.

Since 2009, he has participated in 19 matches with 17 wins and two losses. that’s a pretty impressive Mixed Martial Arts record. He won by 4 knockouts, 5 submissions, and 8 by decision.

Tomorrow is March 11, 2023, and Nurmagomedov will be in the octagon against Jonathan Martinez at Virgin Hotels, Las Vagas, Nevada, U.S.

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Is Said Nurmagomedov Muslim Or Christian? Religion explored

The skilled fighter is reputed to be a Muslim and a follower of the religion of Allah. As he holds a Muslim last name, there is a lot of chance that he is however not Christian.

The fighter hasn’t said anything regarding his religion. But he is from Russia, and the country has the biggest Muslim population in Europe, as per the US Department of State information conducted in 2017.

Said Nurmagomedov Muslim
The Fighter training with his coach. (Source: Instagram)

Generally, there are about 14 million Muslims in Russia or 6.5% of the country’s population. 

Said shares the last name with a profound fighter named Khabib, an MMA hall of fame fighter. Since Khabib has openly shared his religion with the world, there is a huge possibility of Said being one of the Islamic followers.

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the Russian Fighter Said Nurmagomedov Parents and family  

Born on April 5, 1992, in Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia, Nurmagomedov is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He is popular among the fans and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champions).

The 30-year-old fighter hasn’t revealed any information regarding his family or parents. However, according to various sources on the Internet and media, he is related to the well-respected fighter in the UFC, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Their relationship is a cousin bond and is related among their family members and shares the same stage of the MMA dynasty. The Russian fighter also congratulated the absolute beast of a man Khabib on winning his fight for the UFC title back in 2018.

Said Nurmagomedov Muslim
Said, congratulating Khabib on winning the UFC title belt. (Source: Instagram)

The 30-year-old fighter hasn’t shared information about his family. We also don’t know if the fighter is married or not. He doesn’t seem to have any girlfriends or affairs with women. He seems absolutely devoted to fighting and his religion, as it doesn’t allow the person to linger with women.

The MMA fighter has also posted photos of him with a kid. However, we do not know if the kid is his son or just one of his brothers whom he loves and cares about.

The Russian fighter kicked off his career in MMA by defeating the undefeated fighter Oscar Nave. After 3 years break, he returned and defeated Jolon Uulu Jayloobay in 2012.

The professional Mixed Martial Artist kept winning and got signed by Absolute Championship Berkut in 2014. And as you guessed, he won again against the experienced fighter Asulan Toktarbaev. He again won by TKO in a fight against the undefeated German Barsegyan.

However, in the Grand Prix final, he suffered his career-first loss against undefeated Magomed Bibulatov. Two years later, he moved to World Fighting Championship Akhmat and again went on a winning spree defeating many fighters along the way.

The fighter was on a winning streak of 12-1, then made his promotional debut on July 14, 2018, at UFC Fight Night 133 and again won against  Justin Scoggins. He was still on his winning streak until  December 21, 2019, when he lost to Raoni Barcelos. However, that didn’t stop him from returning to his winning streak again.

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